Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birds can see and feel on human.

We have new visitors coming to our house three or four times a year. Usually they come in a pair, and without permission from the Master of our house, they could easily stay in for two or three months. During this period they have the courage to make love right in front of my home, and to the extend of giving birth to new babies. Mind you! Non of us really mind and we are too overjoyed to see their newborns at the same time. Our new visitors are love birds, I mean birds from the wild.

You might not believe! For the past more than ten years now, I have had birds brave enough to make their nests right in front of our main door, where we have some potted plants for decor. They came in a pair all the time, laid their eggs and hatched them until they turned chicks. At the growing stage of their infants, both the male and female birds were responsible to feed the little one. They were not afraid of us either, though we used to stare at them whenever we passed their nest. Many times when their babies fell out and their parents weren't around, we assisted to put them back to their nest. Once their little ones knew how to fly successfully, the whole family would leave our place and disappeared to nowhere.

The funny thing is, another new pair of bird would come again soon to takeover the same nest. I am curious! Are they their children? Or are they related? One thing for sure I feel proud of is!!! They picked my home and not any of my neighbours. I'm sure they are very comfortable with me and are extremely happy to stay with my family. This proverb cannot be wrong again. It said, "Kindness is the Language. The deaf can hear & the blind can see". And I have to add another few words, "Even the birds can see and feel too".

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