Sunday, July 03, 2011

Eat Bananas Everyday To Stay Healthy Always.

Eat Bananas Everyday To Stay Healthy Always
'May be an Apple a day keeps a doctor' but Bananas can keep you healthy all your life, that's what the latest research says. According to a study, eating Bananas everyday can keep many type of illness at bay. Bananas are generally avoided by dieticians as they are rich in calories but the fruit can be a replacement for other foods which aren't very energy rich. So take a look at the health benefits of eating Bananas.

Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas Everyday -

1. Energy Provider: Bananas are generally the favorites of athletes as they are energy providers. Eating just a banana for breakfast boosts energy and provides nutrients like sucrose, fructose and glucose. For those who starve all day can simply rely on a banana diet as the fruit gives instant energy which no other fruit can.

2. Digestion: Bananas contain fiber which supports digestion. It is even the best remedy for those suffering from gastric ailments. Those who plan to travel can have bananas as it avoids constipation, which is common during travelling.

3. Depression: According to a survey conducted by MIND, it seems that people who suffer from depression feel better after eating a banana. The reason is because banana contains proteins like tryptophan (converts to serotonin in body) is said to relax mind.

4. Anemia: These days, teens suffer from various problems, of which, Anemia ranks one. But the Iron rich fruit can even cure Anemia. Bananas are said to stimulate Haemoglobin production in blood.

5. Insomnia And Hangovers: The research says that drinking banana with milk and honey will induce good sleep in the night (cures Insomnia) and also regulates sugar levels in the body, a quick remedy for hangover.

6. Blood Pressure: The potassium rich fruit is even said to reduce risk of blood pressure in the heart, thus reducing chances of hypertension and heart attacks. Bananas are more advised than any other fruit for heart patients in the US.

7. Intelligence: Bananas even have the capability to boost concentration and intelligence in kids. It can be the best exam diet for students as it not only provides energy but also refreshes stressed brains, keeping the kids always alert.

8. Stress Relief: Antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit also relieves stress, regulate potassium levels and oxygen levels. The minerals balance the body fluids and thus rejuvenate the cells everyday.

9. Strokes: The Magical healthy fruits are also said reduce the risk of strokes by 50% and accordingly, bananas should be a part of everyday diet for a healthy living.

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