Friday, July 29, 2011

You are always on my mind........

Yashdev a young innocent college student had not seen my little darling for quite awhile. He asked me where is she at the moment. Pointing at my chest, I replied him my sweetheart is in my heart. She is always in my heart here! He thought I was joking and could not understand my implication of that statement.

Using the wisdom way I explained. First I asked Yashdev whether he did well in his last examination. Confidently he responded with a 'Yes', confirming he had scored all straight "A's" in all subjects. I went further to ask whether he brought in any reference books or papers when he was in the examination. He laughed to say how can we bring in books during the examination time. Quickly I said, "Yes! No reference paper or book is allowed when one is taking an exam. You have to store those knowledge and information in your mind. Is like those books are being kept and hidden in your thought. Right?"

Coming back to my sweetheart is the same. Though physically she is not with me now, but being that I love her so much she is always felt to be in my heart all the time. To Yashdev, if you really love your studies, those information you had learned and being taught would forever be knowledge to you for the rest of your life time. I know he understood my explanation.

Interesting quote -
“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand” -Robert Valett.

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