Thursday, July 14, 2011

The right way to educate our growing children....

Today youngsters are considered lucky to be living in a different type of environment. Before even coming out to work and are still studying, their parents already got them a motor car to move around. The parents want them to be mobile and the children feel the sense of pride with a vehicle driven by them.

Not my time! I had to walk and to take buses to school. I managed to purchase my first motor bike, a secondhand Honda Cup with an engine power of only 49cc. I was then eighteen and already working. Without support from my parents, I saved to buy this simple transportation. Later I changed to another heavier bike and when I became a salesman, I bought my first motor car. It was the Ford Anglia and I'm sure not many youngsters would have heard of it.

I was thankful that my parents didn't assist me to purchase any of my bikes or cars of those days. Otherwise I might be like many of the present adults who only know how to spend and not the least be bother to save. Perhaps the grounding and hardship of my yesteryear made me a stronger and rounded person with a better attitude in life.

For those parents who have teenage children, my advice is... Don't make life too easy for them! "Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves" ~ Abbé Dimnet, Art of Thinking, 1928

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