Thursday, July 28, 2011

The formula for staying longer in selling....

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Which is the toughest part in selling life insurance?

Selling is easy but to stay close with your clients is difficult. Or the other way of saying is coming into this career is easy but to stay permanently in this business is extremely difficult. Imagine after being in this line for almost 30 years, I have a client's base of a thousand and you have to satisfy everyone of them. You think its easy? A hundred might be easy, three hundreds is manageable but a thousand is definitely mind boggling. Even though you try to take each and everyone of them for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and with 365 days a year might not be enough time to cater these one thousand clients. If you were to attempt this entertaining, there would be no more leisure and fun time for yourself and your immediate family. Right?

The answer is here ladies & gentlemen or my fellow colleagues. I take and love all my clients as my loved one. The older one would be like my mother or father, slightly younger than me I would treat them like brothers or sisters and the little ones would be like my own children or grand children. If only you could treat them like one big family, and love them sincerely like your own, our clients would not feel the different in our interaction. Everything I had spoken with my clients I remember. Everything I had promised I will fulfill and honour. I know their dreams and desires. I celebrate their achievements and success. When they face hardship and problems, I would be the first to turn up to stand beside them. I do that all the time for the past 30 years because they are my loved one. And I enjoy every moment of doing it.

Though I have a thousand dears, darlings honeys, brothers and sisters out there, and I might not have all the time with them, they know I do care for them. Because they know I speak The Language of Kindness. The blind can see and the deaf can hear.

Specially for those who sell - "Love your career and love your clients much more".

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