Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Power of Love

Arumugam was our ex colleague selling life insurance before. When he left the government services at the age of 50, he joined us in this challenging career until three years ago, when he opt to retire for good. Now at the age of 70, he intends to come back to sell again. Over a cup of coffee, he asked me this question, "Do you think I can make it Robert?"

This was what I told him. Selling life insurance needs a lot of passion and love. One has to have the passion and interest to meet people. Without this passion, seeing people is a torture, especially for the senior citizen like Arumugam. Passion alone might not be enough, because one needs plenty of energy and enthusiasm to sell at the same time. To have these hidden force and strength, his heart got to be happy with full of love. Without this feeling, the mind might not have the potential to move and grow.

I asked Arumugam, "Have you got a woman you love at this moment of time?" He nodded his head, a sign to relate a negative answer. I continued... For every success man there is always a woman behind. Sorry Arumugam! Before you start to sell life insurance again, your main task is to seek and court a lady you love most. A lady who could thrill your heart and excite your soul. Unless you could locate and identify this special female partner, you would not be able to sell life insurance successfully. If you open your eyes and allow your thought to ponder, I am sure there are plenty of women around whom you could consider to love. But the fact is, are you capable to sell yourself to the rightful lady and convince her that you are the ideal man for her as well. If you give yourself all the excuses as not possible at your age to fall in love again, then my answer to you whether you could succeed in selling life insurance is a NO.

To sell life insurance one needs to be brave, sincere, caring, responsible, intelligence, smart, honest, fun going and full of energy. To win a woman, a man also has to possess the similar qualities as spoken here. If Arumugam cannot even conquer and inspire a lady to fall in love with him, I think it would be difficult for him to convince and motivate prospects to buy too. 'Tackling girls and selling' works the same manner to me. Haha!

Just to let you know, my friend Aruguman is seriously taking my advice to fall in love again. Age is not a barrier if your heart feels young all the time.

Food for thought -
"Wisdom is a love affair with questions. Knowledge is a love affair with answers" - Julio Olalla -

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