Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Art of Selling.....

Selling tips...

Are you proud to be a salesperson? If you aren't, selling is going to be tough for you. Professional salesperson is an unique breed, one who could understand another person better than other professionals. Let me show you our special skills.

Professional salesperson has a sharp sight to determine a real and a genuine buyer. At looking the face of a person, he could see the facial expression of whether the potential customer is ready to befriend him. The various features of the face shows the character of a person. The intelligence is indicated on the eyebrows, the both eyes reveal the heart, the nose represents authority, the bone structure highlights confidence and the ears symbolise longevity and strength. This is the understanding of facial study which good sales persons could master.

Next! All professional salesperson develop a pair of patient ears. They listen and to understand the needs of their customers. They give ample time for others to speak and talk. Their patience allows their mind to understand and eventually to offer the best solutions for their clients. Their ears are sharp to differentiate whether customers are truthful in their words. A No might not be a true No, or a Yes might not be a true Yes! A good sales person knows whether potential customers are lying or cheating. This is the mastering of talking and good sales persons acquire it as an Art.

Next! All professional salesperson love talking. They don't just speak with their mind, but rather they speak with their mind and the heart together. They are intelligence in their thought and sincere in their doing. Their words are persuasive, convincing and meaningful. Their enthusiasm and excitement from their words create action and energy. Man would like them and ladies might even fall in love with them too. Mind you! Talking is an Art.

Next! A Super Professional salesperson even learns Graphology. Graphology is the pseudo scientific study and analysis of handwriting, especially in relation to human psychology. By the handwriting and signature of his friends and clients, he could assess the personality of the individual. This knowledge allows him to deal more efficiently with his customers.

If you do have these qualities and skills, selling would definitely be interesting and rewarding. I consider myself as a Super Professional salesperson because I do have all these skills. I'm proud of my job and would never trade my profession for anything on earth. What about you?

A good salesperson has this -
'They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel" -Carl W. Buechner quotes


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