Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Manner in proper seating on dinning....

Our local news reported... Retired Ah Long gunned down at coffee shop

JOHOR BARU: A 60-year-old retired Ah Long was shot dead as he was having breakfast with his wife at a coffee shop in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah here.

Lee Shoo Tong, who was a regular at the shop along Jalan Perkasa 4 here, died at the scene at 9.15am yesterday.

Lee was sitting with his back facing the road when the shot was fired.

Should Mr Lee knew how to locate his sitting place, he would have been alive today. In our typical Chinese culture, it's a manner to offer a proper seating for those who are older than us, especially for an older senior man. Whenever I have an opportunity to dine with a group of friends, I make sure the person who is older than me has to be placed with a seat besides a wall. I will invite him to sit first, his body behind a wall and he faces towards the open. Is bad manner to allow the young one to sit inside while the older one sitting with their back facing the open or the road. The logic is simple! Sitting inside with the wall behind is safer. It offers a direct view when one could see the entire area. You know exactly what is happening around the restaurant.

On the other hand, if I happened to be eating alone, I won't pick a seat with my back facing the road, or near to the toilet or even the kitchen place. I prefer to face toward the front or the main entrance. A seat I considered to be lucky and comfortable.

One fine tip to the man. As a gentleman myself, I always invite ladies to sit first and placing myself again to sit inside with my back facing the wall. While dinning, I have to be alert and careful to make sure that my ladies in attendance are well protected. Should anything occurred behind the ladies, I would not hesitate to casual them. Life is always uncertain, accidents could happen anytime and a first class gentleman is one who could save his friends. So! If one is smart, he should know how to position himself even sitting in a eating place.

Food for thought - "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot" -Clarence Thomas

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