Friday, November 18, 2011

The right way to speak on telephone....

The other day I received a call from one of our management executive who was trying to relate a message to me. She introduced herself and the next second she spoke so fast like a bullet train when I couldn't even catch a word she said.

Is like..."I am Sita from the HQ. Your client
#####@@@ @@#2 @@++^^!!!??~~~~ <.> <> <> @@@ dot dot tuneeeeeeee Ttattttaa aa XXXXxxxxxx!!!!!!!"

Though I attempted to stop her many times, she didn't even realised them. A bit disturbed myself, I had to raise and to yell aloud my voice over the phone before she could pause.

I told her, "My dear, you have a beautiful voice but you spoke too fast and I could not make out your words. Please take your time and stay calmly. For anyone to understand your conversation on the telephone, you have to speak slowly with pauses in between the lines. Each sentence has to be briefly suspended for a break, so that your listener could understand your explanation. The slower you speak, the easier we could understand. Speak with clarity and speak with confidence my dear. Remember you are representing a Number One Insurance Company in town and we have to speak with perfection."

Sita was happy that I corrected her mistakes. And I'm sure she would improve gradually. Many young people could be efficient on a desk job but when they are needed to communicate, they fail to speak well because not many are trained to speak professionally.

Food for thought -
"The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause" -- Mark Twain


rosy said...

Dear Robert,
I agree with you because I always receive phone calls that act like the one you mentioned. Pity on the youngsters that do not have the confidence to utter properly when speaking with second party. You took the great afford to help them be on the right track.

Robert Foo said...

HI Rosy,

Happiness is to see others succeed because of us. A good teacher helps the students to do well. I'm sure you are one of them my dear.