Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hug & kisses save your love....

Over a dinner with a couple who are my clients, the wife was complaining that the husband is easily agitated and getting angry most of the time.

Softly over her ear, I told her... "My dear! You are to be blamed."

She was taken aback, shocked and confused to hear that immediate statement.

This was my explanation... Most successful men are busy. Busy men are usually stressful because they are ambitious, active, enterprising and have high expectation on their work. Such men like to be appreciated and admired upon. The lucky one might get some pats from their bosses for performing. The little gentle taps or compliments could lighten the stressful mind. Not all bosses are the understanding type or if you have no boss to appreciate your excellencies, you have to work alone silently. The lonesome world might lead you to be unhappy and frustrated. However if the wife or the girlfriend understands the emotion of man, things would work differently. The touches, hugs, kisses and gentle strokes from women are considered as a gesture of affection. The more attentions and affection of such are given to the man, the less stressful would he be. Even animals, like cats and dogs lick to touch their partners all the time. When you hear the sound of Meooooow!!! from a cat, you know she is happy. Man even needs more.

Telling the wife on the face I said, "You have not touched enough with your husband. For him to be agitated easily, you are to be blamed."

For the men... Don't forget our women as well. Hug and kiss them more often. Me... Oh! I love to be hugged all the time. Do you know..
"A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance."

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