Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unpleasant words can kill.....

A recent news reported.... Ten-year-old girl hangs herself.

A 10-year-old girl in the United States hung herself with a scarf after being called a slut, ugly and fat.

Shaken by the bullying, Ashlynn Conner told her mother she wanted to be home schooled but was denied.

Her mother, Stacy Conner, told WCIA-TV “I thought my kids are strong kids, and that my words for them for guidance and advice was going to have more weight than what these kids could be saying.”

Ashlynn's sister found her hanging in her closet the following day.

Her single mother told WCIA-TV she knew her daughter was being bullied, but not to that extent.

In another case last week, teenager Ashley Billasano tweeted 144 times before committing suicide. Not one of her 500 followers reached out to help her.
See! Words can kill! I always advised others to say good things. If you had non, please keep your mouth shout. Meaningful words, sincere compliments, nice proverbs or powerful quotes can inspire and motivate our mind. While unpleasant words always hurt our emotion and feeling. Try avoiding them at all cost. Though I'm a non writer but with much admiration and appreciative comments from my readers, they spur me to write everyday since 2007.

Please remember
-"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones"


Anonymous said...

This is very true, mr robert. Certain words can really kill us. Nice blog, mr robert. Be happy always. Take care. From, Raj

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

All Gym trainers are motivators & I'm sure Raj, you are too. You train the mind and the body at the sametime.