Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thought & Action.....

I might look a decent and honest gentleman but believe me, 'The Devil & The Angel' play trick in my mind at time.

For instance, there came a beautiful and sexy lady whom was impossible not to stare at. The Angel in me would say... "Hey Robert! Please admire her only from the outside and don't you darn to think further than this. Behave yourself coz you are a good man!" At the same time The Devil from nowhere came to counter the thought as..."Hey young man! She is an available girl who makes a perfect match for you. Try her lah! She could thrill you to the utmost. Make a move now and she is yours!"

Or another incident when I found a heavy wallet in the Club Gym. Inside the wallet, it contained a few thousand dollars plus many important documents. My Angel was kind enough to tell me that I should handover to the Club office this lost wallet and hopefully it would be returned to the rightful party. While walking towards the office, that silly Devil came and disturbed my mind again.. "Why lah! You found it and its yours now. That few thousands can buy you a lot of goodies and fun for yourself.".

Thanks God! By my strong belief, good faith and right teaching, my inner sub-conscious helps me to relate what is right and wrong. Though the 'Devil & Angel' are always there to debate my thought, I never fail to honour my respect for others and hold my dignity in honesty. Yes! I was staring at that sexy lady with some wild imagination but I took it as just fantasy admiration for her. As for the lost wallet's incident, it was returned to the rightful owner but I reminded myself never to allow that unwanted Devil to come into my mind again.

The moral of the story is... To control our physical action is easy but to control our thought is definitely harder. Action can be seen, whereas thoughts are hidden. I'm telling the truth of myself. What about you?

Food for thought -
"Thinking good thoughts is not enough, doing good deeds is not enough, seeing others follow your good examples is enough" - Douglas Horton

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