Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Getting marry the second time.

Mythily just came home from her motherland, a beautiful India with so much culture to share. On Phone we spoke a few days ago. She told me she was attending her elder brother's 60th birthday and having his second marriage at the same time. 

For a moment I was thinking the brother was getting marry the second time with another woman. She said the marriage was the second marriage with his only wife. I was confused totally!!!

Mythily explained. In India, they have a very special culture as when a married man turns 60, his children would organise a second wedding for their parents. The grand ceremony services will be held in a temple, where all relatives and friends are invited. The old couple are married again the second time. This time to be witnessed by their own children. The first wedding, the children were not around then. I believe this wedding could signify many purposes. One to celebrate the father's birthday of 60, and the second to congratulate the couple for a happy and lasting marriage for this long. Wow! What a nice culture they have! If we the Chinese were to marry the second time with our same wife, we could be a laughingstock to our communities. 

I forgotten to tell you too. They have the third time getting marry again. When? When the man turns 80 years old. Ahh! May be when I'm 80, I would try to get marry again. Not the same woman lah! Hihihi!!!

Would appreciate, if some of my Indian readers from India could tell us more about this typical wedding culture of theirs. 

Love quote - "Soul mates... two halves of the same soul joining together in life's journey" ~ Author Unknown 

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