Friday, March 09, 2012

A loving heart always has beautiful eyes.

Jonathan and Derrick, two of my son's friends came over to our house for a dinner. I hadn't met them before and both look smart and successful. Over the meal, I casually complimented Derrick that he had a sparkling eyes. I guessed he must be in love and he is only 23 years old. Derrick couldn't stop laughing. Next, my son asked how I see in Jonathan who is older and currently is 29. Taking a moment and looking deep into his both eyes, I said, "I hope Jonathan isn't going to be offended. His eyes are dull and I think currently he doesn't look happy to me. I'm pretty sure, he has got no girlfriend".

Derrick and my son were laughing furiously again. I was wondering why!! Please tell dad what had happened. My son said Jonathan had recently broken his relationship with his girlfriend and the poor him was sick and painful in heart. Derrick has just found his first girl and madly in love with her. They were amazed how I could see the truth in their eyes.

My explanation to these young men. The heart is the place where happiness and love are stored. We can't see the heart. BUT there is a pathway from the heart that link to the both eyes of everyone. The nose has no movement, neither are the both ears. If you don't open the mouth and talk, no one could understand your thought. The eyes are different because when you see through them, they grow with feeling which is reflected from the heart by the pathway that links.  So when our heart is happy, the eyes show or when we are in love, the sight could be even stronger in energy. The eyes seldom cheat. Don't believe me, see my eyes because I have plenty of love to share. 

Food for thought - "Anyone can look at other's eyes, but Lovers can see into each other's souls through the eyes" - Larry Latta quotes.

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