Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sex is important in life.

John was an aggressive Architect partner for an established firm. The entire company's insurance was handled by me. How lucky I am! End of last year, while visiting their Chairman, he was complaining that John wasn't to himself. He was extremely quiet, no drive and lost all his enthusiasm in working. The boss was worried and the young partner would not want to reveal his problems. Robert being an Angel  could help, he said.

Later over a cup of coffee with John, he told me his personal sad story. He is a strong Catholic, a faithful husband and loves his dear wife. Being intelligence he is, full of energy and aggressiveness, his sexual drive is equally high as well. However his wife who is at 38, is very career orientated has low sex esteem instead. In her mind sex isn't important. Being a caring husband, he didn't force his wife to satisfy his personal needs. 

One evening while he was masturbating himself in the bedroom, unexpectedly his wife came home to see the man playing his little brother. Instead of understanding the poor husband, she yelled and scolded the man. She used hurting words, "All men are dirt & Good for nothing! If I as woman could control myself, why not you!". She warned him not to repeat the same act again. Otherwise she would leave him permanently.

He cried, felt shameful and humiliated. Being a loving husband, he obeyed. Being a religious person, he didn't seek for separation, neither did he commit any vices but remain a faithful husband with a silent sorrow in heart. With such action, the unhappy man turned depress and lost his interest in everything.

As an Angel, I invited both husband and wife who are also my responsible clients to a dinner. In order for me to speak with the lady alone, the husband was smart enough to excuse himself for a call of nature. During this period, I spoke various topics with the wife. My favourite subject was "Man and Woman!"

I shared... All healthy normal men, immaterial of their age group need sex. She agreed! There are only five ways to satisfy man's needs for their gratification on sex.  They are number one... pay a prostitute, two... a girlfriend, three.. a wife, four... by self masturbating, or five... to hold back.

Holding back and doing nothing would lead to frustration. A frustrating man is always an unhappy person. Masturbating for the teenagers is curiosity, while masturbating by a grown up is definitely degrading. Seeking the services of a prostitute is not meant for a successful man. Is only a coward or one who has inferior complex might pay another woman to satisfy him. A brave and confidence man should be able to win over a girl to love him willingly. Or better still marry the woman and stay happy ever after.

My question to her was... "If a man has a wife, which is the best way to satisfy the man's sexual needs?" I didn't need to go further because she knew my implication. One month later The Chairman asked me what magic had I given to his partner because he was back to his normal self now, His face was bright and smiling again. I knew too the wife had taken my advice to love and to help his husband. Yes! Sex is very important in life

Woody Allen quote - "Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful - provided you get between the right man and the right woman" 

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