Thursday, March 01, 2012

She is still a virgin.

Little darling accompanied her good friend Masala to see a Gynecologist. She complained of female health disorder and suspected to have Endometriosis. She is in a her late forties, unmarried and a timid lady. On this medical visit, Masala was confirmed to be still a virgin.

On hearing these news, I really could not believe that under our present society we still have virgin woman around. Mind you! Masala is a pretty, educated and a professional lady. I don't understand how she could remain untouchable. She speaks well, she socializes and a very likable person.

Little darling said Masala is also a very religious person. Perhaps out of loving her God she prefers to remain single. Being always naughty I'm, I chipped in to add... She might be the most faithful one, but no Haven would accept a woman who is a virgin. Reason she has deprived her most pleasurable pussy for a man on earth. She has made less of one man to be happy and she has never gone into motherhood. She came alone and would leave alone one day. Haven could not take any soul who is selfish. 

Little darling could not resist her laugh. What about you? Am I right or wrong? 


Happy walker said...

i am also V le although is guy.. >.<

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not lonely,

You still are today! But I could bet, soon you won't friend.

Adel said...

At some point of my life, I thought of staying single forever, due to many problems that arises in a relationship. As now all ladies are educated, they ask to be treated equally. Not like those time where they always nod to what the husband says. But now, Robert, you opened my eyes! To make me see frm a different angle. Yes, you are right, singles are selfish in a way, and fear of difficulties in married life and motherhood.They 'run away' from problems..Its human norm or law, to live as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ha ha i m still virgin!! for my society, no man want to marry a girl who is not virgin .

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous 4 mar,

Congratulation! Keep it for the deserving and the loved one my dear.