Monday, March 26, 2012

What is a real friend?

Last week I attended a Dato's son wedding. It was a grand one for it was his eldest son's marriage to a beautiful lady. The 1200 guests were all rich and famous celebrities, many politicians and royal families were also invited. I'm sure my friend must had spent a lot of money and effort to plan for such glamorous dinner.

Few days later after the function, Dato called me on phone. Casually he asked me whether I enjoyed the dinner. Of course! I told him. He wasn't satisfied with my direct response. He wanted me to tell him what I like and dislike, or a truthful comment. I hesitated for a moment. Wondering whether I should reveal what I saw. I knew most people would not like to hear unpleasant comments. Not forgetting my friend is a powerful man with high status in town.

I took up the courage to speak my heart. Of the many wedding dinners I had attended, yours was the most unforgettable one. Every details were well planned. the food was delicious, the setting was nicely decorated, the shows were interesting and the perfume gifts on the table for the guests were so meaningful. Your son, the groom spoke very well. I didn't know he could speak so confidently on stage. The second person who spoke for the nite was you, as the father for the bride and bride groom. I knew you spoke from your heart, except that you did not speak with the emotion. Your tune of voice was rather flat. A dull voice might not attract the ears of your guests. Otherwise it was still a good speech delivered to all your friends there.

My friend listened patiently. He wasn't disturbed at all  by my comments but rather he was happy to know his weaknesses. He told me he called many of his so called closed friends but non ever mentioned about his flaws. All the messages he received congratulating his perfect speech for the night. And I was the only one who dare to tell him his mistakes.

Moral of this story is: A real friend would always tell the truth to his friends. No matter whether is good or bad. "Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty" ~ Sicilian Proverb


sumukh bansal said...

i have a question...:)
How many real friends you are having sir?

joke apart, me too believe that a real friend would always tell the truth to his friends ..

Aliza Khan said...

But u tell ppl the truth and they look at u like ur an alien or have gone nuts :/ I dont really have a lot of friends and real friends well i think only two but two are more than enough i guess :)

P.S C'mon!!! Even real friends expect things in returns!!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sumulah,

I might have thousands of friends but only a handful of real friends.. Five. They are very important in my life because they always tell me the truth.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Aliza,

Now you become my real friend because you tell me your truth. Can we my dear?