Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Today while stopping my car at a traffic light junction, I noticed an elderly Indian man who was peddling his products. He looked sickly, and was limping with a stiff leg. He was walking swiftly between cars to cars while waiting for the green light to change. Holding in his one hand were three packets of tissue, which he was trying to sell to the motorists. Each time he looked into the windows of those cars, showing his expression that he needed their help. He was appealing for sympathy and almost like begging for money in exchange for the tissues. I was observing from the distance, and sad to say there wasn't any one who really bother to look at this poor old man. Soon he was right besides my car when I could see in his eyes, telling me whether I could buy his tissues. Without hesitation I took some coins from my compartment and gave him the money immediately. I told him I don't need the tissue and he replied me with a quick smile before moving  upward to seek further help. Looking through my side mirror, I saw no motorist buying his tissue either.

What a poor old man who still had the courage and determination to survive under such situation! The road was a dangerous place to peddle and the temperature was hot. At the same time, I wondered what happened to our people who had no empathy and feeling for others. 

This elderly man recalled my past memory. I could still remember when I first started selling life insurance 30 years ago, a good friend threw me a depressing remark. I was learning to sell and I was trying to approach this particular friend. He didn't buy but instead condemned that selling life insurance is worst off than begging. That statement hurt me badly and I couldn't work for the next one week. It took me days before I took up the courage to sell again. I told myself that I couldn't let one person to demotivate me and I had to prove to him that selling is a noble profession. Thanks to The Almighty he was wrong indeed. 

Before I drove further away from that old man, I prayed in my heart that he would have the blessing to remain strong and courageous to face the unfriendly motorists. Coz I believe, "Every cloud has a silver lining".


Julius said...

Robert, you are such a giving person! And you shall continue receiving blessings from God!

As for me, whenever I buy goods from road side hawkers, I always intentionally pay more than what would be the actual price.
Just only yesterday, I bought RM3 worth of curry puffs and I paid RM5 for it. As I was walking off, the trader called me for my change; i replied for him the keep the change. While he was surprised by my gesture, I could see his face lit up with a wide smile.

I know how hard this traders are in their life and this little extra may not be a lot from me; but bringing a smile to them would definitely spur them on for the rest of their hardworking day.

Let us all not just give, but give a little more!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Julius,

Indeed you have learned much from your life and I am so proud of you. Keep up with your giving.