Thursday, March 08, 2012

Life Insurance is a love product.

I started selling life insurance in 1982. Time flies! These thirty years of selling,  taught me much about what love really is. Those younger days, love to me then was only between man and woman. In fact, love is much more than that.

In my rookie's years, while learning the new trade, I was rejected time after time by prospects and friends. I learned to be patience and  be tolerance with unpleasant approaches or outcomes. I accepted all difficulties and rejections with smiles. In order to gain confidence from my new friends and customers, I offered my sincere heart with kindness. Kindness melts everyone. I learned to be humble. I didn't envy the rich and the successful one. I never boast on my achievements and I didn't show my rudeness in all my interaction. I sold not for my personal self seeking but rather on the benefits for my clients. Though I might be facing much hardship along the way, I didn't easily got angry with others. Should my colleagues and clients offended me at times, I would not keep no record of their wrongs. In mind I didn't delight in evil thinking but I always rejoiced with the truth to show to everyone. I always reminded myself that there are always hopes, always perseveres in order for me to walk a longer journey in selling my products. I believe life insurance never fails.

Life insurance is a love product. Remember... "Buy life insurance when you don't need it coz when you need it you can't buy".

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