Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who is this special woman for a successful man?

I love this proverb; "For every successful man that's always a woman behind". But there was once a great friend sounded loud to me, when he said, "It did not say, For every successful man there is always a wife behind!" 

That statement made me pondered deep in my thought, "who is then that woman who could stand behind a successful man?" A mother is a woman, a sister is a woman and a wife is also a woman too. Question... Who is this special woman who could help the man to be successful?

In soul searching, I believe I have found this wonderful woman for the man. Check me if I am wrong, after all I'm not a Saint. 

Firstly for the woman to assist her man to be successful, she has to be truthfully in love with him. She understands the real meaning of love. The main ingredients of love are trust, patience and kindness. She has to be intelligence and smart but never over shadow her strength on him. She could be shining like a star outwardly with her friends but with him, she lets him leads and rules. At any time when she could see his mistakes and flaws, she silently offers her tender advices and suggestions. Though she might be upset and angry over certain conflicts, she would not show her temper and be rude over her lover. Rather to use her emotion and aggressiveness, she applies her feminine charm and attraction to win over her mate. She might be violence to others or be cleverer than others, but definitely she would not approach such behaviour with him. She always treats him tenderly and lovingly, applying motivation with passion and inspiring with love. She offers her patient ears whenever he is sad, she rejoices with him when he achieves his success and she constantly provides hopes and creates dreams. Lastly she would never get tired whenever she is with him. She just want him to be successful to the world without any condition laid. 

Yes! To have such a special woman for a man isn't easy. And that's why the saying goes; "For every successful man that's always a woman behind". I have found mine. Have you gentlemen?

Just for a laugh! This morning over a meeting with a very successful CEO of an advertising house, he claimed with a new remark, "For every successful man, he needs a few women behind". Well! I have not done my soul searching on it yet. Would write more when the time come.

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