Monday, March 19, 2012

Rich wife Poor husband.

Sam has been unemployed for the past four years. One day his wife called to seek my help. Whether I could recommend him a job from my connection. She was extremely worried because his financial support is almost exhausted. In order to take care of his family, when all the children are still studying, Sam had to sell almost all his belongings. His shares and stocks were disposed and his only house had been sold. Unable to secure a job, when his age is catching on him, Sam is really depressed. 

Over the phone, I attempted to encourage his wife to standby with her man. The first person who could help this poor fellow is definitely his wife. I advised her to be patience and be tolerance to the upset husband. A man who has no money lacks confidence. Suggestion to her.. Love him and inspire him. A man who is weak in financial term, is normally not brave and has no courage. Suggestion to her... Motivate him and spur him with positive thoughts. Reminding her to help him in every way possible.

She responded by saying, "I would try but please don't ask me to sell away my jewelleries".

I was surprised she laid that statement. She claimed that she would help the master of the house! She claimed she loves and adores the husband! She claimed she would do everything for her man! BUT! Coming to money matters, it's totally a different story.

In my many years of selling life insurance, I learned to understand some rules and regulations on money issues between husband and wife. They are... What belongs to him has to be shared between him and her. Whereas, what belongs to her remains with her all the time. He has no right to challenge it. So sad! Well, that's the facts of life gentlemen. 

Robert Frost - "A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain".


Happy walker said...

the picture was nice ~

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not Lonely,

This proverb is always right - A picture is better than a thousand words.

Adel said...

One of a reason why some invest in jewelleries is that, as accesories; to show your status, and the last one, to use it during rainy days..So here comes the day where she has to do so...maybe the wife thinks she would have nothing left if the jewelleries are gone..

Robert Foo said...

Hi Adel,

As a lady, I think you know what is best my dear.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money. '' No money, No honey'' , Mr Robert. Haha. Take care. From raj

Robert Foo said...

Hi Raj,

Our honeys make us work harder. Otherwise man would do nothing on earth.

Jewellery Repairs Melbourne said...

Good story - but I got frustrated on the wife's attitude. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of me ;)

Anonymous said...

Its only natural that a man should provide for his family and of course for his wife, and its only natural for a wife to worry for herself..

So dont take marriage lightly, you chose her, you married her. Live with it.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous..

I fully agreed with you