Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do you have the right partner... On bed.

Tan is a sixty years old senior veteran who runs regularly everyday. He could run for one and a half hour with speed without stopping. Definitely he has the stamina.

Being naughty I asked Tan, "You are damn good on this treadmill machine. But are you as fast and strong on bed running my friend?"

He wasn't shy to reply, "Bad. Lack the speed and stamina on bed!"

Quick to respond to him, "Do you know why?"

Tan said, "Perhaps is my age. I'm olady past sixty now".

"Not true!", I proclaimed. Directly I told him, "You pick a wrong partner on bed! You run well here because you have the right machine to team up with. If you had got right partner on bed, I'm sure you could run better."

Tan smiled broadly, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

P.S. You might say I'm playful, but that's the facts of life, applicable to everyone of us. We need the right partner in everything we do. Right readers?


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