Wednesday, May 02, 2012

One man One woman marriage.

Nasir is one friend who doesn't believe in marrying more than one wife. His religion allows man to marry four wives but the man has to be fair to all his women. According to Nasir, a man could treat all his wives fairly in financial, time, love and concern but he cannot be fair with his stomach for them.

I was a bit puzzle with this remark. What does the stomach has to do with fairness?

Nasir's explanation was... If the man has taken his meal in his first wife's house and the second wife also insists him to come for the evening dinner. The second wife has spent time and effort to prepare her most delicious food for the husband. Upon reaching his second home, is he going to tell his second wife that he has already taken his meal with his first wife or is he going to lie that he isn't  feeling well. He definitely cannot be fair to his stomach. Right?

Nasir chose to remain faithful with one wife and make the best out of it, though at time he might be looking at other attractive ladies around. His slogan is "Can see but don't touch!"

The famous quote - Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. (Anonymous) 


Rosi said...

Dear Mr Foo,
I came across your blog while searching for Wisdom. I saw this article. I must correct this 'facts'. Islam allows taking 4 wifes but does not encourage it unless there are very good genuine reasons. Like if the first wife cannot bear children or very sickly etc. And to treat them as fairly as possible, recognizing human limitations in this matter. There are various ways to achieve this. Nasir cud have made an arrangement to stay say 2 nights in his first wife home, followed by 2nd wife home! The will n the effort to be fair must be pursued, within human limitations and capabilities. I hope articles relating to religion like this needs some authenticity as it involes religion. Which need to be respected.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Nasir's explanation is not in line with Islamic requirements. It is his personal excuse not being able to marry another! But stories like this can be misconstrud by the uninformed!??

Robert Foo said...

Hi Rosi,

Thank you for your sincere enlightenment. Really appreciate them.

Robert Foo said...

Dear Anonymous,

You have a point there and I have to keep my mouth shut. Thank you for the comment.