Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spotting defects is faster....

Detecting weaknesses or spotting defects is easier than seeing strength or goodness!

In order to prove my belief, I purposely worn a shirt with a little hole just below the pocket. It was a good shirt but out of a domestic accident, a tiny hole was pierced while washing. As normal I went out to do my routine calls, went back to the office and  visited many clients that day. 

You know what happened? Those I met that day, almost everyone of them could see my shirt with the hole. Right on my face they told me about the hole they saw. These were some of their remarks; "Hey!You have a hole here", "Your shirt has a hole", "Is that a hole?", or "Why a hole on your shirt?"

Perhaps there were some who saw but shy to tell me. Of course non knew I intentionally worn that shirt to see their reaction. At the end of the day, it concluded non of them gave me any compliment and admiration on my dressing. My shirt was colourful, my pant was striking, my shoes were new and shinning, I had two expensive Parker pens on my shirt pocket, my watch was beautiful and I had two attractive gemstone rings on my fingers. All these goodies were not noticeable at all, but rather they could identify the weakest spot on my attire, The Tiny Hole.

Conclusion; Yes! Detecting weakness is faster than seeing the quality of a person. 

Suggestion: Give honest & sincere appreciation and avoid criticism or bad comment.