Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speaking & writing need skill.....

Do you know... One could speak well might not write well and the one who could write well might not speak well?

Most salesperson could speak well effectively, in order to sell successfully. BUT! Ask them to write might be difficult. Currently most of my sales colleagues are in a dilemma. In order to communicate with the management office, we have to write through the net. Before, we had only a few hundred agents when we could speak over the telephone to get things done. Today, we have 13,000 agents or more. It is not easy to entertain everyone of us now, and we are instructed to write to the main office instead. To pen a few words could be easy, but to express your thought and to write in details is difficult. Their language, grammar and vocabulary are rather weak. Yes! They speak and talk excellently but writing is shameful and degrading.

However those who work under the management are totally difference. Is a daily routine that they have to write. Their thoughts and planning are all written in words. They write in style with business and formal presentation. BUT! Ask them to speak in a crowd, they panic or ask them to introduce our products to a prospect they quit. Yes! They are excellent writers but lousy speakers.

Well! If you want to be special and unique, ideally is to speak effectively and also capable to write expressively both at the same time. I started as a talker and learned to be a good speaker but today by writing daily on my current post, I believe I could speak and write well too. Otherwise you won't be reading here... Right?

Food for thought - "By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn" - Latin Proverb 

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