Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are u prepared to buy bras & panties for your loves?

Over a dinner, a lady was telling to the men that the current males buy funny gifts to their loves. Instead of the normal practise of offering flowers or diamonds, crazy men buy bras and panties or even sanitary napkins to their ladies. She challenged us whether we darn to buy these personal usages to women. I was the first one to say YES. I told her, I will be too glad and proud to buy bras and panties or sanitary napkins, especially the latest fashion with colourful types. BUT only to the one that I truly love. Love has got no shyness. The buying of the above needs, relates that I love her and I do understand her from top to bottom. Something I learned in Shanghai. I will be too happy to also carry my lover's handbag wherever we go together. If she allows me to carry her handbag, it indicates she trusts and believes in me. At the sametime, carrying her handbag is like telling her I love her very much.

For the ladies, if you ever want to know whether your men truly love and be proud of you, try these. Test them, by asking them to buy bras and panties or sanitary napkins on your behalf. When you are with him, request him to carry your handbag. If your men are not prepared to submit to your requests, it is high time to ponder whether you have got the right lovers. These are the simple facts of life.

Sweetheart, would you agree, "It takes three seconds to say 'I LOVE YOU' but a lifetime to prove it."

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