Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Chinese is growing in person & in nation.

I was on the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai, when I saw the different of Chinese passengers of the past and the present. Ten years ago, those travelling Chinese were slimmer and old-fashion like. Not in this plane, when the today Chinese tourists are more fashionable, especially the ladies and they are no longer thin but are fat and over-weight. I was wondering why they have grown in size, until when I reached Shanghai, a city which I last visited twelve years ago. As I was taken by a local friend who took me down town to look for food, I was amazed and surprised how all their restaurants were florishing. In order to dine, you have to book in advance for the table. Otherwise you have to wait by the numbers. That evening we waited for almost one hour before we were given the table. I had the experience to dine and wine in class with superb good food served. I observed all Shanghainese love eating. The next day, I was taken to the hyper market, Carrefour which I could not believe with my own eyes the amount of people packed into such a big food store. People were just buying and buying of food non stop, as thought everything was for free. Now I know, the Chinese in China really loves eating. The eating makes them grown fatter. The eating creates business opportunities for the market. Their market grows and the economy grows as well. Every one from the other parts of the world is currently eyeing at China for business. Including myself! Eating can make you grow. So if you want to prosper, consider to eat more. China has proven it by eating more endlessly.

I believe such phrase works in life; "The more you share, the more you gain and the more you spend, the more you gain as well."

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