Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sophisticated ladies smoke.

Life is very funny. Do we need to be educated to be more health conscious? Not so! I was in Bangsar, an elite class of neighbourhood where most people dressed well. Especially the ladies who spoke well and were very fashionable in personality. They could be seen in the shopping malls or just drinking tea at those little restaurants. What caught my attention was, most of the attractive and elegant ladies here carried cigarettes and smoked openly. Perhaps the cigarettes made them looked even more sophisticated.

On the other hand, if we moved over to Kepong, another township not too far away, the people here are less educated. They are mainly the lower middle class residents. The dressing is simpler and casual in nature. You see less sophisticated ladies but more typical Chinese aunties around. I hardly seen any girls, women or ladies smoked in this conservative neighbour.

I thought when we are educated, we tend to be more knowledgeable and smoke less for a healthier reason. Or is it now that we are more educated, we are not bother to look at our health! Or is it when we are less educated, we would be more serious with our health! But thanks God! All the lady friends, especially the one I love most, do not smoke.

This could be the reason, "Having the knowledge but not applying them, is like not having knowledge."

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