Saturday, February 02, 2008

How do you know u are likable & lovable?

To be a likable and lovable person, one needs to have the skill for it. In order for me to know whether I am a likable person to a male friend, I see the way they address and call me. If they called me as Uncle Robert or Uncle Foo, I know they respect me but are not comfortable with me yet. Those who call me as Robert, are comfortable but still are not very closed with me either. Many who call me as brother, hi or even young man, are those who are very comfortable with me. I considered I am a very likable friend to them then. We could speak our heart and mind without fear.

On the other hand, those girls, women and ladies who called me as Uncle Foo are really not my friends. I make sure I am a lovable person to all females I met and encountered. I distance those who addressed me as Uncle. Initially they called me as Robert Foo, when they speak a six feet gap away. As they begin to understand me more, we called each other as 'dear'. The dear has many meaning. We could have developed a trust and confidence between us. We are very comfortable with each other as closed friends. We speak a distance of three feet nearer. I wish there is one who could sweetly call me as darling or sweetheart. When that happened, we would be speaking at intimate level. If for any reason, a lady who calls or writes without a name addressing to me, I know my value to her is definitely low. I believe I am a lovable and likable person to most friends. What about you? Just tell yourself that you are beautiful, talented, unique, capable and skilful. For you will turn yourself to be a lovable and likable person too.

Food for the heart; "When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it." Mark Victor Hansen.


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year, dear :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Vicky my dear..
Love, can make people happy.
Money, makes the world go round.
But friends AHHHHHH...
They make life worth living!
Especially the one who is reading my greeting now.
Happy Chiness New Year to you too.