Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our ladies prefer the White gentlemen.

JL and FZ are two attractive intelligent ladies. Both are at their forties and equally successful in their respective careers. JL is still single whereas FZ is a divorcee. They had experienced many unhappy love relationships, until recently both met two white men who managed to win over their hearts again. From my conversation with them, they both had lost confidence with our Malaysian men. According to them, Malaysian men are considered as immature, irresponsible, not affectionate, selfish and unromantic comparing to the caucasian men who are so different. The White is individualistic who sees ladies as what they are in person whereas The Asian sees women from the external beauty only. The Asian communicates lesser with their ladies whereas The White engrosses the women with charm and fantasy. The White pampers and cares the women whereas The Asian takes females for granted. The White is real gentleman in love making from dining, wine and music with his partner. Sad to say, we The Asian is good only on the bed with our partner. No wonder why these two successful ladies opt to select the foreigners. Is time, the Malaysian males have to buck up coz our ladies are having a much higher expectation in life now.

"If you have the eyes of love, you just see love wherever you go" Spoken by The Mastery of love, Don Miguel Ruiz.

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