Monday, February 11, 2008

Shopping can determine lady's personality.

I think all ladies like shopping. Although I am not a habitual shopper, I observed how women shop. The way they shop could determine their character and personality. They have three types. The one who spends more time in the grocery, likes cooking. If she spends more time in the household department, her home most likely is tastefully arranged and is comfortable. On the hand, if she loves to spend more time in the cosmetic or clothing department, that lady likes to be beautiful herself. The chances are she might not even know how to cook and up keep her home. Regret to say, although the present ladies are much prettier but they lack cooking knowledge and skill.

For the gentlemen. If you want to know whether your new found girlfriend is suited to be an ideal wife, who knows how to cook, manage the home and be beautiful as well. Take her to a shopping mall and allow her to shop wherever she likes. If she only walks to the cosmetic and clothing department, and not the least be bother to look at the grocery or household items, be prepared to learn to cook yourself. For you rest assure, she doesn't know how to cook herself either. Don't believe my words, the next time see for yourself in the actual woman world around.

Quote of the day; "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties" - Erich Fromm.

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