Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who is your sweetheart?

Someone asked who is my sweetheart! Referring the dictionary, sweetheart has several denotes. Can be one who is loved. Informal - a person regarded as generous or lovable or something cherished for its excellent qualities. Meaning, sweetheart could be called on many different ocassion and by different classes of people.

A mother loves her little child who is like a gem to her, calls the child sweetheart with pride. A male friend has done a favour for a lady. She is the sociable and loving type, repays his favour by just calling him sweetheart. Husband and wife who are bonded with love, call each other by sweetheart. Some seductive ladies who know how to utilize their feminine charm, call everyone sweetheart. They get job done faster.

As I am a typical Chinese man, sweetheart is only meant to be called to the one that has the heart of sweetness. Sweetheart has got to be a lady to me. She gives hopes to me that I can aspire. She cheers me when I am down. She walks with me when I am lonely. She advises me when I am at wrong. She shares my sorrow and joy. Her sweetness of the heart could be seen in her eyes. Her sweetness tickles my mind and melts my heart. Her sweetness is pure and sweet as honey bee. Her sweetness could be felt as sincere as ever. Her sweetness has trust and confidence. Her sweetness has understanding and plenty of laughter. Most important of all, her sweetness adds sweetness into my heart too. This is the lady I call sweetheart who will be reading my blog everyday without fail. Even right now!

To my one sweetheart who reads;

"When I saw u I was afraid to talk to u.
When I talked to us I was afraid to hold u.
When I hold u I was afraid to love u.
Now that I love u I'm afraid to lose u."


Anonymous said...

is sweetheart yr wife??

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous...

You guess lah?