Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The young & old need each other.

George was a young man of thirty who used to workout in our gym. One afternoon session, upon meeting him, he said, "Mr Foo, it is always good to see you around often here. As a senior veteran member to be exercising with us, you do inspire us greatly." With a feeling of contentment, I replied him," Thank you George. With you around as a younger member, you also motivated me as well. Seeing you, recap my past memories."

Life comes with the past, present and future. George knows that if he doesn't discipline to exercise regularly, his health might not be as fit as of today. By looking at us, he could visualize the future of him. Yes! I am very much older than him but with the many years of constant exercising, I still keep myself fit and healthy. Wise look but extremely young in mind and health. We, the older generation is his testimonial to live.

The old could not live alone by ourselves too. We have to tap the energy of the young, like George. By observing and admiring the physical of him, we could remember our past glories. Those memories are important to us because emotionally we feel nice and wonderful. Indirectly it soothes our mind and heals our heart. I believe this feeling could slow the aging process of man. Otherwise I will never dare to claim I am a person that felt like I was 38 last year and turning 37 this year.

Nobody can stop aging, as the past moves to the present and the future will come. Be happy when you are young because youthfulness will never be forever. Old certainly is there and more of permanent in nature. The old guides the young and the young memorises the old. We need each other to survive. This is the true facts of life.

Quote spoken; "Happiness is the ultimate realization that everything was, and is, exactly as it should be." Paul of The Netherlands

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