Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How the ladies look at man?

I thought it is only men who appreciate and admire the external beauty of woman, ladies equally like to stare at male physical. These are some interesting views gathered from ladies I know. Most females look at man face first. Are they handsome or just so so? They prefer darker complexion which has the macho look. Has the man got the intelligent or sneaky eyes? A long nose relates a long penis. A broad nose might have a bigger penis head. Most women like men with a wide and broader shoulder. It depicts strength. Although man would not have a bigger breast to show, ladies admire man by the way we walk. They could identify a strong personality by the posture of us. If a man who wears a tight jean or pant, you won't be surprised that women would also stare at your bottom. To feel and imagine how strong is your sexual organ. The best place to observe each other will be at the beaches or the swimming pools. The man admires the female, and at the same time she assesses him. Something I learned from a great lady, the bigger the man toes, the larger are our penis. Gentleman who have smaller dicks, suggest that they should always wear shoes and not slippers.

To the ladies who look at us, "It is always easy for woman to get man but it is never easy to get the right man to love." So! Don't judge the man by his look. Look at his heart. A friendly advice, "True love never leaves the heart. So if you don't love me now, you did not love me then."

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