Friday, November 09, 2007

All men need many women in their lives.

During a recent discussion, a lady friend brought up the issue of current woman's power and strength. At earlier stage, she was soft spoken but on this subject she was aggressive because it was related to herself. To support her claim, I added with this statement, "Yes you are right! A man can't live without a woman but most women can live without man."

I thought I was good at this subject, until I was caught unguarded when another senior gentleman throw me this challenge. He said, "Not true! All men need many women in their lives. We can't live with just one woman." At that moment all eyes were on him. He explained, "A man needed a mother at the beginning. The sister was there to accompany him. Later he married a wife to love him. Before he die, a female nurse was there to support him as well."

He was totally right. It was our mind that played dirty that we thought likewise. Without all those women, perhaps man will never go far in life. Now I have to agree to this wiser man thought; a man definitely needs many women to complete his life cycle.

The greatest phrase spoken by Thomas Edison, "My mother was the making of me."

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