Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't take life for granted.

Are you aware that countries that have four seasons, work harder than those who enjoy all year round with the same one season? A young intelligent lady, Carol highlighted to us with logical explanation.

The four seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring look tough and difficult to live with, compare those like having one season all year round. The fact is, people who reside in places where they have to bear with the four seasons, have to plan ahead in advance for every year. Each season has a different need and requirement. The winter is cold when they have to dress heavily in clothing. They have to stock sufficient food to last the period. Come summer their lifestyles differ again. In order to survive, they have to be strong minded, they plan ahead and work hard at every opportunity.

Countries with no season, tend to take things for granted. Their lives are easier with one set of clothing for all year around. They need not think of the cold or hot weathers. Their food are available at all times when they need not plan to keep. Without realising themselves, they tend to be lazier and work less harder. Is a fact, countries with four seasons are more developed than countries which are not. Because the former works harder than the later. These are true facts of life again. So! Don't take things for granted wherever we are.

Spoken by Anthony J D Angelo, "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring own sunshine."

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