Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Words sell and heal.

Dr Loh was happy to see me coming to the gym to workout with him. He started the session by greeting me, "How are you Robert." With a broad smile I replied him, "Nothing is happier to see this doctor around. Your muscular body always gives me inspiration to work harder like you." He was quick to respond, "Similarly your interesting words also motivate me all the time."

Dr Loh was right, words are important in our life. If spoken in a positive manner, they will excite and inspire those who listen. I told him that as I am a professional salesperson, my words are very important in my work. My clients bought because my words sell. My words created hopes, promises and belief. I asked him, "Dr, do you add words to your medical practice?" He was not sure. I think doctors should not only practise as medical doctor but also as faith healer at the same times. Although faith healers do not apply medical value in their healing, they are also successful in their profession. The main reason is because they spoke with strong belief with their mind. Those who seek their healing, strongly believe the spoken words of faith. If only doctors could spend a little more time with their patients using encouragement with words, patients would definitely feel better, rather then just applying with medicine and treatment alone. I was glad Dr Loh took my advices finally. Words not only sell but words heal the sick too.

Written by Julia Carney; "Little deeds of kindness, little words or love, help to make Earth happy."

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