Thursday, November 22, 2007

Are u the loved or hatred person?

During my forty years of selling, I had interacted with uncountable people. Today, I strongly believe there are two main types of human being. One is the loved kind and the other is the hatred one. The loved person gives love willingly without feeling tired but when he turns hateful he loses energy very fast. On the hand, the hatred person is not willing to offer love. Unless there is an opportunity gain or for a purpose. Giving out love is tiring but to be hateful is normal to that person.

A loved person has admiration for others. He adores and appreciates for whatever he receives. Most of the time, he is friendly in nature. Helping others is part of his way of life and he will not get tired about it. He enjoys giving more than receiving. Making people happy is happiness to him. Seeing others succeed is like an achievement too. Should he gets upset and becomes angry for some unforeseen reasons, his energy would drain off easily. Love is his strength and hate is his weakness.

A hatred person is resentful to others. He has a selfish character and dislikes sharing and giving. For the purposes of showing to others, he could behave loving and caring. Or for the intention of seeking a gain, he approaches a friendly image with a mask covers on the face. The hypocrisy of love tires his mind when he applies too long a period. Whenever he is with his family or with his loved ones, he speaks with temper and anger. Those who do not understand him, might think he is angry or frustrated but in fact his hostility of behaviour is part of his normal self. Love is his weakness but hate is actually his strength though.

To a loved person, he might think a hatred person is wrong. Similarly a hatred person, could think the loved person is stupid. As far as I am concerned, the world will never have any perfect person. What is important is to understand the facts of life for the world needs all types of people to live together. Love the friend who has hate and understand the one who has love.

Quote to inspire; "Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart". Spoken by Kahlil Gibran

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