Monday, November 05, 2007

Who is the most important person to you?

Mazlan called me in the early morning, "Robert, how are you?" I replied him, "I feel nice, especially having such a wonderful friend like you calling me now." He laughed, "Hahaha! Its a joy talking to you. You always know how to make others feel happy." Without hesitation, I continued, "God bless me to have intelligent friends calling me all the time. More so the one who is talking to me now." He was amazed with my instant and natural response. He asked, "U are certainly a unique person. Please tell me how u can always make me feel important."

Making a person feel important has to be a habit. I had been doing it for the past 40 years. When I was twenty years young, I was lucky to have attended a Dale Carnegie Motivational class. Those days in our country, self motivational training classes were hardly available. By chance, I was introduced to their preview which impressed me tremendously. Without further consideration, I enrolled and completed the 10 weeks intensive training which later changed my entire personality.

One of the session when we were asked, "Who is the most important person in our lives at the moment?" Everyone gave different person, like father, sister,wife or husband. I told them, my mother was the most important person. Surprisingly our instructor told us, the most important person will be the one who is standing in front of you. Our loved one could be important to us. However as long as they are not with us now, then any one, immaterial whether he or she is our friend, we have to treat that particular person as important. Treat him or her as though that person is the one we love the most. If we could practise this way of life, miracle would happen. As I was very young then, when I could not really understand the real purposes of this training, nonetheless I followed the rules given. Without me realising, the rules turned and developed me with good habits and character. Gradually I could see the admiration benefited and at the same times, I understood the value of mankind. Everyone on earth needs to be treated as important. The maid or the waiter or worker is equally important. We prefer to be given compliments and appreciation. We are hungry for love and attention.

With the above explanation, I was glad that Mazlan was totally convinced. He promised that he would apply this principle of life to everyone he meets from now onwards. I forgotten to tell him these. Please take away the selfishness in us but rather add the sincerity into our heart and mind, when we apply the important to others.

Try this statement; "Treat everyone as special. Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnite. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster and do it with no reward. Your life will never be the same again."

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