Monday, November 26, 2007

Our world has gone upside down.

Not every one is as lucky as Alan who failed twice in marriage but yet has an understanding girlfriend. The minute Alan had plan to move over to Shanghai, his new found girlfriend, Fanny was willing to accompany him. She had a successful bank job prior joining him. For the sake of not loosing him, she was prepared to resign her work to follow him for the better or for the worst. She is not bother about the future coz as long as love is there, she is happy with her man.

Not many females of today are willing to sacrifice like Fanny, especially those who are educated and termed as the modern ladies of the world. The present women are strong minded, independence and are hard working. For their success achieved, they tend to lose the need and interest on man. Many successful ladies remain single or those who were married might have high chances of broken marriages leading to divorce. Recently I was asked by a close lady acquittance, "Why should I need a man when I can be earning well?" That statement wasn't spoken twenty years ago. Before, woman seeks for ideal man to provide securities. Whereas today, ladies seek for successful career to determine their future.

Yes the female is getting stronger by the days and the male is getting weaker by the minutes. Man is not as hard working, weak minded and lacking in drive. This morning itself as I was talking to a friend, William from Singapore who is still not married at thirty four of age currently, mentioned that he finds it extremely difficult to get a girl friend or a wife. Most Singaporean girls have higher expectation in life. They take career and position as more important than romance. With so much setback for man and without the feminine charm of the lady world, man is turning and romancing with man ourselves. Fifty years ago, the gay, homosexual or bisexual are hardly heard. Those days, these group of special people were hidden and unknown. Today in every corner of our world, they have gathered their strength and are partially recognised. Even myself at my age, I was cornered by one who claimed that he loves me and likes to make love with me. What a joke! Few days ago, another male acquittance told me that he is now a bisexual. A man who likes women but also likes men. He claimed that he didn't behave like this before, until his previous girlfriend left him. According to him, making love with man is even better than making love with woman. His final remark to me, "Robert! If you don't try, you will never know it is the best". This statement scares me!

Perhaps our world has gone upside down. Before it was the female who excites man but now man has to assist man. And the female has to live and be happy within themselves. I think we had lost our original creation, when God created Eve to love Adam. We have forgotten our roles. She wants independence and not her man. He is hungery for her love but she isn't there for him. Whether you believe it or not, these are the true facts of life happening at the moment.

Specially for the ladies; "Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery". Spoken by Spike Milligan

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