Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you a giver?

Most people don't smile. If you don't believe me, walk around, any where, in the mall or the park, just look and stare at those passersby. Don't be afraid! Observe closely their facial expression. They look more like robot than human being. Everyone seems to be busy but deep down in their heart, they are hungry for compliments from others. Everyone is waiting for another person to offer a 'hey' or a 'smile'. I wonder a 'hey' or a 'smile' is that very expensive to give.

Not a few friends of mine! They are real givers than receivers. One of them is Farizah, a special lady with a Midas touch. Wherever she goes, she brings along her sweet smile to the people she meets. She throws her smile and gives sweet words. She always likes to address friends as darling, honey or even sweetheart. To those she doesn't know, she might say something like, "Hey handsome" or "Hi Sweetie." Her smiles and words really capture a lot of attention. I love to meet her because she will never fail to address me as "darling" plus a tight warm hug from her.

Another great lady I have is my little darling who is also a great givers of energy. Wherever she goes, she will always makes sure she touches the heart of the person she meets. I had seen her making waiters laugh with excitement. My personal driver likes her company because she jokes and shares with him. All her friends love her because she gives more than she receives. I am also equally engrossed my her action...a lady who loves to make others happy.

I have to be thankful to these friends who taught me to smile and to love others more. Why wait for someone to smile when I could smile first. Why have to wait for the "hello" from a stranger, when I could say it first, "hey brother, how are you?" You have the choice to be a giver or a receiver. I choose to be a giver and my life will definitely be happier.

Food for the thought - "What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles in your old knit bag, and smile, smile, smile." — George Asaf.


Anonymous said...

We typically think of a smile as displaying our emotional state (happiness), it also appears that smiles convey information about the signaler’s status. Specifically, lower status individuals appear to smile more than higher status individuals. I suspect that this is due, in part, to the fact that there are several different types of smiles, including a true happiness smile and a true embarrassment smile. The latter smile, the embarrassment display, is often seen as an appeasement display in primates. Jimmy Carter smiled a lot, George Bush smiles much less. Jimmy Carter is generally perceived to be warm and friendly, but not very dominant and strong. George Bush is perceived be be somewhat less warm and friendly, but is seen as quite dominant and strong.

I believe that the smiling faces of the models for the lower priced brands are simply conveying information regarding the social status of the brand image, rather than attempting to make customers feel better. Sometimes the advertiser must make a trade-off between advertising high status and presenting an emotionally positive image. Thus, the non-smiling faces of the higher status brands are not trying to make the consumer feel bad; they are simply attempting to display the signals that are associated with higher status. We liked Elvis even when he sneered at us from the stage because the contemptuous sneer is typically produced by individuals with higher status. Although we don’t generally like contemptuous individuals, most folks admire higher status individuals and want to be around them. Thus, the irony is that higher status brands are creating a positive image -– high status—by using a negative signal (lack of a smile).

Ridhuan Tee said...

Not all smiles are created equal. Genuine smiles and fake smiles don't have the same power and impact. And secondly, genuine smiles are not produced by executive decree.

Without even knowing it, our "fake" detector is always turned on. We unconsciously read body language, facial signals, giving us an impression whether a smile is genuine or plastic.

Have you ever met someone and felt that you had been thrown a fake smile? A car salesman? A mortician? A politician? Someone at a singles bar? Your in-laws? Actually, you could list almost any group as occasionally guilty of less-than-genuine smiles.

Having a customer warm up to a sales person or front-line greeter is so much more complicated than a smile. More complicated than just a genuine or fake smile. And a good, trusting relationship doesn't happen at the snap of a finger or the flash or a smile. A solid relationship is complex and it takes time. Let's examine some of the considerations and factors that help us understand promoting good customer service, good first impressions, and good relationships.

First, you can't mandate smiles for your subordinates. I love the story about teaching pigs to sing. It turns out to be an impossible task. "It frustrates the farmer and irritates the pigs." And you can bet that the farmer can't sing any better than the pigs in the first place.

You can't create smiles by demanding them. If that were possible, you'd be drowning in a sea of fake smiles. If you think that ordering smiles for your subordinates is a good strategy...go buy a case of wax lips.

Other factors leading to misguided smile strategies are: Sometimes our behavior gets in our way. Sometimes our thinking trips us up.

A common fallacy of human behavior is to dislike in others what we dislike about ourselves. A sarcastic person likely has little tolerance for other sarcastic people. A pushy person probably does not like to be pushed around by others. A person who never smiles is likely to be bugged by people who don't smile!

On the flip-side, another fallacy of human behavior is to think that everyone is just like us. Or, closer to the truth, that everyone SHOULD be like us. If we have a great natural smile we feel like others should also beam a celebrity smile. But people are NOT like us. Due to culture, family upbringing, peer group, genetics, medications, emotional states, bad teeth, and more…people are inclined or not inclined to smile. They are who they are. It's just the way it is.

Another fallacy is "what you see is what you get!" Not necessarily so. Interpreting human nature is more complex that just observing someone's smile. Just because a person isn't smiling doesn't mean he's unhappy. It doesn't mean she hates her job. It doesn't mean he dislikes working with customers. It doesn't mean that customers don't like her. Although a smiling worker is terrific, there is a good chance that the more serious-looking worker connects better with the customer than the worker with the mandatory, plastic smile. Excellence at work is so much more complicated than the issue of To-Smile-or-Not-To-Smile.

And sometimes "what you see isn't what you get" because our reading of smiles is an art and not a science. When we see a smile, many times the impression of whether it's real or fake is correct, but sometimes it's wrong.

So don't be wearing blinders and think that the smile is head-and-shoulders above all else in the creation of good relationships. It's just one piece of a much more complicated success formula.

Don't fall into the trap of focusing solely or primarily on smiles as the magic bullet.

Anonymous said...

Americans say smiles are necessary when greeting or having a polite conversation. Others pointed out many times that a typical American smile seems non-natural and false. They say, "Americans smile as if they are electric lights turned on", "their smile is something chronic", "an American face is mainly teeth".

Western smiles greeting someone mean pure politeness. The more a person smiles the more friendliness he/she is showing to his/her partner. Most people don't smile out of politeness. Visa versa, it is considered to be bad to smile without any significant reasons. The phrase "he smiled out of pure politeness" implies a negative attitude to the smiling person.

A constant polite smile is considered a "smile on duty" and shows people's insincerity, closeness and unwillingness to show real feelings.

People do not smile at strangers. That's is why shop assistants never smile at customers (they don't know them personally!:). If a shops-assistant knows a customer she shall smile at him/her.

It is not typical for everyone to give a smile in return. Notice that when our eyes meet the eyes of some person walking along a street we never get a smile back. Why? If a person sees a stranger smiling at him he/she is certain to seek the reason of fun. Maybe something in his/her clothes or hairdo makes the person so cheerful?

Customs officers do not smile because they are doing their serious business. Children mustn't smile when studying. Are you taught to smile when you were young in everything you do? Do you smile when you read? So by smiling easily you are perceived as not being serious. Children are taught from young, "Don't smile, be serious at school, do your home work and when grown ups are talking to you!" One of the most common remarks from a teacher is, "Why are you smiling? Stop it and start writing".

Since early times clerks, salesmen, waiters and servants have been polite and courteous without smiling.

One has to really like the person he/she is smiling at or be in very high spirits to have the right for a smile. It gives a person the right to smile from others' point of view. Laughter without reasons is the sign of foolishness. If a person is laughing without reason he has problems with his/her head. The reason of a smile should be evident and clear to others. If one do not understand the reason or consider it insufficient for a smile he/she may break smiling and make a reproof, "What are you smiling at?"

Have you heard of a certain Japanese documentary about the emergency landing showed the episode with a stewardess smiling at her passengers before the emergency landing. After the landing was over she fell down writhed in hysterics. So, she fulfilled her professional duty having calmed down the passengers. The public opinion condemns a smile of self-encouraging, "Her husband has left her but she is smiling", "she has got a great number of children but she is smiling" and so on. All these phrases condemn a smile of a woman who is trying not to lose courage in a hard situation.

In a pure consciousness a smile need a proper time for appearing. It is considered an independent action, which is very often unnecessary and annoying. There is a proverb says, "Business takes time, fun takes an hour". A smile should fit the situation from the point of view of the people around. People do not smile in a tense situation. It is not considered good to smile near people having serious problems or troubles: illness, personal problems and so on.

People are cheerful and wit in general. It is natural for them not to hide their feelings and moods. However, the everyday life of some people has always been a constant struggle and survival; lives were very hard and some serious concern has become a constant expression of their faces. Therefore it is evident that questions may arise like "hey, why smiling?…", envy and even dislike.

So in future if you a smile at a person and get no smile in return, don't feel surprised or hurt.

Anonymous said...


Kuala Lumpur...Penang: Circa: 1980's.
Kuala Lumpur: Jimmy at twelve years old would get into a lot of fights in school because of his looks. He even though well tanned did not look Chinese though he has a Chinese last name but looked more Eurasian.
Boys would call him names or say unkind things about him, but he defended his honour well and many a boy went home with either a black eye or a loose front tooth.

But at home his three older sisters, the youngest 17 as well his mom and dad adored him, being the only son. Everyone could see he was good looking for his age.
Apart from being good with his fists, he was an exceptional student as well very well mannered, obliging and a son any mother could wish for.

At age fourteen he took an interest in music learning to play the piano by ear and violin much to the surprise of his family non of whom were musically inclined.
For his 16th birthday his father presented him with a grand piano and from then on would entertain them at home with his repertoire of oldies songs.

By the time he reached 18 years he could see he looked different from his sisters or parents as his features were more Eurasian than Chinese. He now has the kind of looks that made girls forget what their mom's advices were or their good virtues.
But who was he to complain when girls were ringing him day and nights for his attention, needless to say he had more girlfriends than he could handle.
But somehow he had a nagging thought that he is different but never brought it up with anyone. He loved his family especially his mom and why should he doubt otherwise. He never asked.

It was a few months after he had returned from Australia, now aged 24 with a degree in Business Studies, tall and very handsome had started on his first job as an executive in a large Corporation that bad news struck the family.
His mother had contracted an incurable illness and had only months to live. Jimmy, his sisters, all three now married, his father were devastated when the doctor told them the news.

Jimmy would spent every available moment with his mother cheering her up as she became more frail each day. They all knew how much she was suffering from the pain in her body.
One night, his turn to be with her in the hospital, his dad and sisters had gone home.

Sitting beside his mother on her bed, she looking pale and frail and knowing she had not long to live, took his hand and putting on a brave face said in a barely audible voice, looking at him lovingly, "please don't worry about me, Jimmy,...I...I will be alright soon. You take care of yourself, keep an eye on dad, he's not that young anymore". He noticing his mother had tears in her eyes.

"I will mom, but don't talk like that, you'll get well soon". Caressing his face as tears rolled down his cheeks she smiled, "you know Jimmy, I..I wish I could be around see you get married and you giving me grandchildren".
Jimmy tried to laugh but seeing his mother this way he just hugged her, "please don't talk like that mom, you will see me get married one day", his head now on her shoulder as she patted his back, "don't cry,'re the best son any mother could want, I'm so proud of you", she squeezed his hand.

"And..and", she now stammering softly, " and.. I want you to remember this always Jimmy,....I,..I love you. I...I,...I..have always loved you", she smiled at him. Tears now rolling down her cheeks looked at Jimmy caressing his face wiping his tears away.
"I know mom, I love you too, better rest now", Jimmy kissing her cheek holding her hand.

She smiled nodding at him and slowly closed her eyes. Jimmy thinking she wanted to rest. He then felt her hand loosened its grip on his hand and dropped limply on the side of the bed.
Picking up her hand he noticed she did not move and called her, ",....MOM"! She did not answer.
He quickly rang the bedside emergency button then ran out to get the night duty nurse. She rushed back with him, quickly checking her pulse, then seeing no movement applied CPR on her just as the doctor arrived. He examined her while Jimmy ran to the phone to call his dad and sisters.

It was too late, she had passed away peacefully. His father arrived soon after followed by his sisters and brothers in laws.
He embraced his father then his sisters as they kissed and embraced their mother crying, sobbing and calling her name, ",...don't leave us,...please,..oh please God, bring our mom back,, don't leave us".
The doctor tried his best to revive her, but she was gone. He shook his head comforting the father.

Six months had now passed since they buried their beloved mother. Jimmy staying with his dad. They had a maid to cook and care for the house.
One evening while playing the piano, playing his mom's favourite songs, he thought of his mother's last words to him and turning to look at his dad who was reading the papers said, "dad, you know, there's something about what mom told me, her last words that I don't understand, 'always remember I love you', I mean,.... she knows that, as well how much I love her too".

His father looked at him and guessed the moment he had dread had come. His dad called him to sit down beside him. "Jimmy...I guess you're old enough now to understand things.
I have something to say,...I don't know how to say or explain it, but please bear with me, son. I'm sure you know how much your mom and me as well your sisters love you, never doubt that".
Jimmy nodded, "never dad, but don't worry about me, tell me whatever it is, I'll be okay, I love you, dad", hugging his father.

Jimmy looked at his father holding his hand as the father tried to control his emotions, his eyes slightly moist. ", remember young days you got into fights in school...because the boys teased you that you're not Chinese"?
Jimmy nodded gripping his father's hand tightly now apprehensive about what he was going to hear. "Well....I,..I mean...ohhh Jimmy, Jimmy...please forgive me", the father wiping a tear from his eye, "the..the boys,...they,..they were right Jimmy,'re not pure Chinese".

Jimmy just looked at his dad as both now feeling the emotional strain of the long hidden truth coming out. "Jimmy...I,..we love you very much", the father's voice stammering, "but..but, are not my son,...I..I did not give birth to you".

Jimmy now too shocked to say anything felt tears coming down his cheeks. His father too as he embraced Jimmy tightly. The shock now of learning he has a real mom and dad somewhere, maybe real brothers and sisters overwhelmed him as he held his father's hand tightly.

"Jimmy...we,..we adopted you when you were about 6 months old". The father then suggested they both have a beer before he continues his story. Jimmy brought out two filled glasses of Carlsberg and kissing his dad on the cheek, sat down again beside him.

" have three lovely sisters...all older than you, and we wanted a son very badly but,..but due to some complications with your mom's health, she could not bear any more children.
So we decided to adopt a son. We also mentioned this to the priest, a good friend of ours.

It was about a year later when mom received a call from the church, that..that a young lady had brought a baby boy and told the priest she was unable to look after the baby as well had nowhere to live.
She wanted her baby to have a good home requesting him to help her.
It seems she was very young, but not sure of her age, but she was Chinese and educated".
Jimmy listened with tears in his eyes taking sips of his beer.

"Well", the father continued, his hand holding Jimmy's, "the priest learned of her reasons but not telling us in view of his promise not to reveal anything about her.
He promised to help her find accommodation and work as well then got her to sign some papers about giving up her baby willingly for adoption".
Jimmy's tears came out again now hearing about his real mother's plight then.

"Jimmy...she,..I mean your real mother then gave the priest a piece of paper, on it she had written, "my son's name is 'Jimmy'. His date of birth 26 Jan/xxxx , please take care of my son, I love him very much, I will miss him everyday".

Jimmy now had tears rolling down his cheeks hearing that. The father too now feeling emotional knowing how Jimmy now feels. "Your,...your mom then gave the priest a small gold locket which has the Chinese characters, 'I love you', and that it was the only thing she could give the baby.
She telling the priest she will forever love him, and to give the locket to his new parents to give to him when he grows up".
Jimmy now emotional learning about his real mother cried putting his head in his hands as his dad comforted him.

"The priest assured your mother he will find a very good home for her son and later contacted your mom.
You can imagine how thrilled and happy we all were, you were so cute and beautiful, your sisters really adored you, your mom doting and spoiling you".

He wiping a tear from his eye continued, "and I'm happy to say he later found a home for your mom to live as well found her a job too....but, unfortunately after awhile lost contact with her, and as you know the priest passed away three years ago, so nobody knows where your mom or dad is".
Jimmy gripped his father's hand.
The father in a broken voice continued as he patted Jimmy's shoulder, "Jimmy, I have... have something for you, I'll go get it from my room".

The father came back with a small, carved Rosewood box and a round cylindrical box, wrapped tightly with plastic paper and tied with a faded blue ribbon.
"Here...Jimmy, its yours now, your mom and I have kept this box since that day, and your mom bought this box to keep what's inside".

Jimmy, wiping his tears used the key his father gave him and opened the box. Again his tears came out when he picked up the small gold chain with its tiny locket and engraved words, 'I love you' in Chinese characters.

Inside the velvet layered box, Jimmy took out a faded, yellow with age brown envelope. It was not sealed and slowly took out the folded piece of paper faded with age.
Opening it with trembling hands, he read the contents, seeing for the first time his real mother's handwriting, the ink now barely legible.

"My son's name is Jimmy. His date of birth is 26/Jan/xxxx. Please take good care of my son. I love my son very much and I will miss him everyday of my life. I leave here a locket for my son, my love for him forever. Please give to him when he grows up. I love you, Jimmy. I will always love you and I will miss you. Please forgive me my son. Forgive me. Your loving mummy". No name, no signature, no address.

Jimmy's whole body trembled as he cried, his father too crying holding his shoulder comforting him. Jimmy's mind now full of unanswered questions.
Where is my mother now, who is she, what is her name, what about my real father, no mention of him, where is he? But he was happy she had named him 'Jimmy', his own mother giving him the name.

Admiring then putting the gold locket back in the box, Jimmy opened the cylindrical box and pulling out an old, also faded with age a newspaper. Looking at it, it was never opened or read by anyone, 'The Straits Times'. He looked at the date at the top reading it aloud.

The father smiled, "Jimmy, I bought that newspaper and kept it for you. It was the day we took you home...all the events of that time you at 6 months old".
Jimmy leaned over and hugging his dad, "ohhh dad! Thank you, thank you,...I will keep it with me always and dad, no matter what I have learned today, I love you, I love mom and my three sisters. You will always be my dad....I love you".
His father now had tears rolling down his cheeks, at last felt relieved, the secret he and everyone, the mother and sisters had kept from him all the years now being out.

It was about two years later that Jimmy got transferred to Penang. "Don't worry dad, I'll be back whenever I can, will call you nights, okay".
The father as well his sisters gave him a farewell dinner party at home with some of his friends and other relatives.
He playing the piano entertaining them. Two days later saying goodbye to his dad and sisters, Jimmy drove off to Penang to start a new life.
He would start his new assignment the following week, thus had a few days free to find a room to rent.

Taking the ferry across he stood at the bow enjoying the sights of the many ships in harbour and thought of the many times he had come here with his parents and sisters for holidays. How he wished his mom was alive.
He was also worried about his dad, but the sisters had promised they will take turns going over to look after him.

Checking in at the Merlin Hotel, Jimmy relaxed enjoying the view and sea breeze while catching up with the news on TV. Later making a call to his dad, then to his eldest sister informing them where he would be staying next few days till he finds a room for rent.

Two days after arriving Penang, and still not finding a suitable room, the ones he checked out yesterday not to his liking, decided to do some shopping for toiletries and then have lunch.
Walking along the street near the Chowrasta market building, he paused to look at some shop displays when a loud scream nearby startled him.
Glancing back he was shocked to see a young lady being dragged behind a motorcycle with two men on it, one had snatched her handbag, she holding on to it screaming for them to let go.

Without hesitation he rushed out trying to grab the pillion rider who was holding on to the handbag.
He seeing Jimmy almost grabbing his throat released the handbag and both sped away leaving the lady now rolling on the road.
Rushing to her aid while traffic on both sides of the road stopped, he seeing her dazed and bleeding from her hands, badly scratched from being dragged on the road, asked, "you alright miss"?

She nodded trying to stand up but fell down on her knees as Jimmy caught her in his arms. Lifting her up in his arms he carried her to the side of the road and seeing a vacant chair beside one of the shops put her down but still holding her as he could see she was still dazed from the shock of it all.

"Thank you..thank you mister", she smiled as he took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood from her badly scratched hands and palm. A small crowd of busybodies surrounded them describing to each other what had happened to her.
Leaning over her, "You okay, miss....let me take you to the doctor, I think there's one down the road".

She looked at him, "it's okay, I can go on my own, you already helped me so much...thank you mister". She tried to get up but almost tripped as Jimmy again caught her in his arms.
" not alright, you hang on, I'll get a taxi...take you to the Doctor". He quickly flagged down a passing taxi and lifted her in his strong arms putting her in the taxi, then getting in beside her told the driver to take them to the nearest clinic, knowing hospital's notorious delays in attending to outpatients.

Penang road.

Jimmy had tied his handkerchief around her badly scratched arm, the handkerchief now bloodied. While waiting for the doctor to attend to her, she looked at him, "mister..thank you very much, you so kind, I'm okay now, you no need wait here for me".

Jimmy guessing her to be in her early 40's or late 30's smiled, "its okay, miss...I'm free, I better wait with you see everything okay".
She thanked him just as the nurse invited her into the examination room. Jimmy held her hand to steady her as they both went in. The doctor immediately attended to her wounds asking what had happened?

Jimmy described the incident. Later, fully recovered from the incident, her hand now bandaged as well her right palm, Jimmy suggested they go for coffee at a nearby coffee shop. He had insisted on paying the doctor's bill.
She thanking him profusely. She agreed about going for coffee, saying, "but you will let me pay, okay mister..."?
"Okay, I guess you and me sure need a nice cup of coffee after all this".

Jimmy smiled agreeing as they sat down and ordered their coffee. Looking at her, he noticed she was very fair and very pretty, with a petite figure, about 5' 2", shoulder length hair, then suddenly realising they didn't know each other's name he introduced himself.

" name is Jimmy".
She smiled, "nice to know you Jimmy, my name is Tracy....thank you so much for helping me,...what about your work, I mean you here with me"?
She noticed his smouldering good looks, how handsome he was and tall too.

"Ohh, its okay Tracy, I'm on vacation till Monday...just arrived from KL two days ago...transferred here".
They then chatted for awhile, when she said, "I better go now, already take so much of your time".
"How you going home? Where you parked your car"?

"Ohh, I got no car, took taxi". Somehow Jimmy felt he should at least see her home safely as she was still limping from the fall on the road. "Where do you live, Tracy"?
"Pulau Tikus,..its okay, I can take a taxi go home".
"Tracy, I tell you what, I can see you still not steady on your feet, you wait here few minutes, I grab a taxi to my car parked near Chowrasta, I'll come back and take you home".
" Jimmy, you so kind, no need la...trouble you so much already".
"Tracy, I insist, please allow me, I'm free anyway, and also we are friends now".

Tracy smiled touching his hand, "okay...I wait here for you, sure its okay, huh"?
"Tracy, it'll be my pleasure". Leaving her, he took a taxi to where he had parked his Ford Telstar car then returning for her.
She directed him to her house. It was now almost 2pm and he had totally forgotten about lunch and now feeling hungry.

Arriving at her small link home, he helped her to the door. Learning earlier she was staying alone on an impulse said, "Tracy...I,..I'm alone here, no friends...would you,...I mean would you like to join me for dinner tonight...a good place to eat, I'll come fetch you"?

Tracy holding her door open, looked at him admiring his good looks and gentlemanly manners felt thrilled at his invitation even though knowing he much younger than she was.
"What would you like to eat"?

" know, nothing fancy, somewhere by the sea, but I love poh pia,....ahh, I think Gurney drive"?
Tracy smiled, "okay Jimmy, thank you for inviting me, I'll be ready at....what time you coming"?
He thrilled she accepting his invitation, "6.30 okay with you"?
"Okay, I'll be ready, thank you again, Jimmy".
Touching her shoulder, "my pleasure Tracy, you sure you'll be alright now"?
"Oh ya...feel so much better now,...see you later, okay"?

Jimmy then on the way back to the hotel had lunch in town, then returned to his room looking at the classifieds for rooms to rent, making a few calls enquiring about a couple of rooms he liked.
But both preferred female tenants.
Resting on the bed and glancing at the papers, he thought of Tracy and thinking how attractive she was, and somehow felt comfortable in her presence as well enjoying her company.
Well, at least he now has a friend in Penang, a pretty lady too, even though much older than him.

Driving slowly along Gurney Drive, Tracy pointed to a foodcourt, "okay, here we can get some nice food". Finding a nearby parking spot, they then found a nearby vacant table, "Tracy...why don't you order for us, anything you Hokkien is rather rusty".

She laughed as a few young boys surrounded their table calling out their stall's various dishes. Tracy ordered several popular dishes, oh chien, (fried oysters), including poh pia and ordering iced tea for herself, he CocaCola, they chatted.

Tracy wearing a long sleeve blouse to hide her bandage now looked very pretty with her make up. Obviously she had spent some time dressing up for him, now finding him very attractive.

Jimmy told her about his new work assignment, and how he will miss being with his dad, telling Tracy about his mom passing away recently.
Tracy in turn mentioning she working at a department store in town as a supervisor and that today her day off work deciding to do some shopping when the mortorcyclist had grabbed her handbag.

"Ohh Jimmy, if not for you, I would have lost everything in my handbag, money, ID card, credit cards. I'm so happy you helped me, you now my hero", she smiled touching his hand.
Jimmy smiled, "Your scream shocked me and seeing you being dragged on the road, I just wanted to help, but we are friends".
She laughed, "first time I make friends this way, get dragged on road, get hurt first, ha ha".

While enjoying their food, she enquired, "where you staying, Jimmy"?
"Merlin Hotel, but only for few days...till I find a room to rent. This afternoon after dropping you off, I found two in the papers, but they prefered females".

Tracy looked at him and had a thought, she could do with some extra cash, "Jimmy, saw my house this afternoon, small house only, but...but I'm staying alone...and, and got two spare like,....I..I mean, can have one of the rooms, got bathroom attached".

Jimmy looked at her, "you mean you can rent a room to me? You sure"? She looking at him, "yes Jimmy...I'm staying alone, you looking for a room...we now friends, why not"?
Jimmy laughed, "oh boy, what a way to find a room, helping a lady in distress and..", she interrupted him, "say you'll accept Jimmy,...but I'm afraid, only got a spare bed, no other furniture".

"Tracy, don't worry about all that, my company will pay for whatever I need, yes....yes,...if its okay with you, but tell me what you want for the room, don't worry about the amount".
"Will Rgt 100 a month be alright with you? I mean got only a bed, no table, no chairs in the room"?

Jimmy was surprised at what she had asked, as he had seen in the classifieds all the rooms were asking for minimum Rgt 150.
He knew she was being grateful to him giving such a cheap rate. He had also noticed her dressing and guessed she was not that well off financially.

"Tracy, I tell you what, I don't agree with your price", she quickly interrupted, "ohh Jimmy, I'm so sorry, give me Rgt 80 then, its okay".
Jimmy took her hand and laugh, "no Tracy, what I was going to say, I will give you another Rgt 40 and don't argue with me", he joked, "I've seen the rooms for rent and minimum about this amount, no furniture too,....if you don't agree, I look another place".

Tracy laughed, "ohh Jimmy,...that's too much, not fully furnished too,...but, okay I accept". She put out her left hand, her right hand palm still had some plasters from the cuts she received earlier.
He shook her hand, "right, you need a contract, I'll get one done up".

She smacked his hand playfully, " my hero, we shake hands okay".
"Right", Jimmy teased, "in that case we shake hands again to seal the gentleman and landlady agreement". Both laughing as they shook hands again.
Jimmy was thrilled now with the thoughts of being with her everyday. Tracy too was now excited having him around as well the spare cash. His white teeth dazzling smile mesmerized her.

"You know, Jimmy, the way you smile, your hairstyle reminds me of someone I know long, long ago, but I was young then". "Ahh, your boyfriend, huh"?
"Ha ha, yes, but it was just, well you know, more infatuation then anything, but what about you? I bet you have tons of girlfriends in KL"?
"Well, just a few friends, but nothing serious, too busy working". They were now becoming good friends even though the difference in ages.

Jimmy had now moved in 2 weeks and had furnished his room with a table, a fan, a chair, table lamps as well everything else he needed. He had the day he moved in informed his dad and sisters. He would ring his dad or sisters once a week after telling Tracy to give him the phone bill.

**It was at this time I met Jimmy. I was involved with a project in Penang and had visited his office for project evaluation meeting when his boss introduced him to me.
Over time we became good friends having lunch sometimes when I was in the vicinity. Girls, even young mothers would give him admiring glances. He was very handsome.***

I first met Tracy when Jimmy invited me for dinner one night and brought her along introducing her as just a friend, not mentioning she was his landlady. She was very pretty too.
I did have thoughts of their age difference, as well the way they looked at each other, but it was none of my business.

Both of them had now become very close friends. She would sometimes cook dinner for both of them, or weekends go out to eat. Friday evening while having dinner with her at a foodcourt nearby her house, he hearing she had the weekend off said, "you know Tracy, I've never been up Penang hill, you free tomorrow, want to come along"?
Tracy had now come to like him a lot and thrilled he had invited her, "yes...I have not been up there a long time too, I love to go with you".

Saturday morning. Arriving at the top of the hill, she and Jimmy walked around the lovely gardens admiring the various plants and flowers that only grows up here.
While walking she had held his arm and feeling proud and excited to be with him, noticing the many young girls walking nearby giving him second looks as well enviously at her.

Anyone looking at them would think they were lovers as they walked and joked, teasing each other, she holding on to his arm. They really had a good time up the hill.
Jimmy now realised he liked her a lot.

He had lots of girlfriends in KL, but somehow Tracy is so different, he feels so comfortable with her and looked forward to being with her everyday, but because of their age difference, he did not try to take liberties with her unlike the other girls he knew.

He could sense she likes him a lot, maybe more than that, but she too had not showed any signs of going further apart from holding his arm or hands.
It was here while sitting on a bench admiring the beautiful view of Penang far below that he learned Tracy had never married, had two relationships that failed.

As they chatted, Jimmy looked at her. He had never felt this way before about a woman, somehow since that day she had that unfortunate incident. He somehow feels very protective over her and wanting to be near her always. Jimmy knew he was slowly falling in love with her even though she much older.

At home she would sometimes wear shorts and a loose blouse and he would discreetly admire her legs and body.
Tracy too at the same time had seen him without his shirt in his room doing some paperwork when she brought him a drink. His muscular body excited her but she would let him make the first move.

She was beginning to have feelings for him and knew he was too from the way he looks at her and their daily teasings of each other at home. It was now a matter of time before the relationship would be consumated she thought.

Two weeks later, Tracy again had the weekend off and that Friday evening she cooking dinner at home asked him what programs he had for the weekend?
"Hey...I know, lets go to Batu Ferringhi for a picnic and a swim, haven't swam for a long time".
"Wow, I love that, Jimmy, I haven't gone on a picnic since my school days. Ooops! I can't swim, but its okay, I'll watch my handsome hero show off to me, ha ha".
That night she cooked a couple of dishes to bring to the beach and feeling excited to be with him on a picnic.

On the way to Batu Feringghi they stopped to get some bottled drinks and bread then making their way to the beach.
As it was early with just a few people around, they managed to find a spot near some big rocks, it was quite secluded as she laid a thatched mat on the sand, Jimmy helping put their food on it.

He had already worn his black swimming trunks before leaving the house and taking off his t-shirt and pants, exposing his muscular body and his black bikini trunks, he walked towards the water and checking there were no hidden rocks showed off his swimming to her.
Tracy feeling excited at seeing how well built he was relaxed and watched him, then waving at him as he paused from his swimming waving to her.

After about 15 minutes, he came out and sat beside her as she handed him a towel same time admiring his body having some naughty thoughts of when he would be intimate with her.
She somehow felt he was still feeling abit shy towards her, maybe because of her age, but thought they are now living together, sooner or later, they will have an intimate relationship.
The naughty, titillating thoughts excited her.

Jimmy then lying sideways on the mat, Tracy too now facing him, they chatted and teased each other. Their teases had now become more cheeky too. She enjoying some mild flirting with him.
Tracy was barely a foot away looking at him, and suddenly had the urge to kiss him.
Taking a quick glance no one around, she leaned close to him and kiss his lips. Just a quick peck. Jimmy looked surprised teasing her, "wow, I like that, but what was that for"?

She smiled, "for being my hero". He teased, "what? I risked my life to help a beautiful lady in distress, carried her in my arms, looked after her, get only one quick kiss"?
Both laughing as she moved closer, their eyes met, "okay, my handsome hero, that was for coming to my aid, this one for looking after me", she put her arm around his shoulder and kissed him again, just a quick peck again, he thrilled at what they had done, licking her lipstick on his lips.

She smiling flirtatiously then took out a tissue wiping some of the red lipstick from the side of his lips. Both now realising they were falling in love with each other.
He teased her, "okay, one kiss for coming to your aid, one kiss for looking after you, what about renting a room from you"? He laughed, she smacking his arm playfully.

"Hey, that don't count, you needed a room, ha ha".
Jimmy teased, "wow! Okay, still that was a nice 'thank you', but anymore like that for,...for taking you sightseeing or keeping you company, take you for picnic"?

She laughed smacking his shoulder, and knowing he still shy with her, and seeing him in his swim trunks now really wanted him to be intimate with her, deciding to make the first move, then caressing his face raised a cheeky eyebrow, "hmmm, tonight Saturday got any appointments"? She winked.

"Yes...with a beautiful lady,, maybe we go for a nice dinner and drinks somewhere nice, you wear something nice for me, then come home early".
She gave him a seductive look, "hmmm, why come home early"? Jimmy laughed, both knew what was going to happen.

"Ohh? We watch TV or rent a movie", he joked, dodging her smack, laughing. They were both now excited at the night's prospects. He too wanted her, holding her hand looking at her but stopped himself from confessing he had fallen in love with her.
He will tell her tonight. Hearing some voices nearby, they moved apart.

Jimmy then went for another swim while Tracy prepared lunch taking out the plates and bread. Awhile later Jimmy came back drying himself with the towel then sitting opposite her.
Tracy handing him the plate of chicken curry she had made and some bread noticed something on the side of Jimmy's right hip, just above his black, bikini swimming trunk.

Tracy looking closely enquired, "hey, what's that mark on your right hip"?
"Ohh, nothing, just a birthmark I have since a baby".
"Let me look", she leaning closer seeing the red birthmark the shape resembling abit like a dragonfly.
A sudden cold sensation ran thru her body as she looked at Jimmy who was dunking his bread in the curry and eating.

The son she had given away many years ago had a similar birthmark on his right hip, of course much smaller that time. How can she forget that.
It looked like a dragonfly. And now she seeing it on Jimmy's right hip, same spot, same kind of mark. And his name 'Jimmy' too.

A cold chill ran thru her body, unable to take her eyes away from Jimmy's birthmark, her mind immediately filled with thoughts of the past.... 'Oh my God! Can it be...can he really be my Jimmy'?
He should be about this age too...and,..and his features so alike, her mind now in a turmoil suddenly feeling a cold shudder run thru her body.

"Jimmy...I..I, I mean, I've never heard you mention much about your family...mind if I ask.."?
Jimmy smiled, "hey, go ahead, what you like to know"?
"Your..your family,...are they Eurasians"? Jimmy noticed her stammering and that she had not touched her food, "hey, you sound like you're worried or something"?
"Ohh no, just curious".

"My parents? Ohh no, they're Chinese". Tracy looking at him, "but..but you don't look Chinese"?
"Ha ha, you're right, had a lot of fights school days too,, I'm not Chinese, my parents adopted me when I was a baby".
"How old were you then"? Jimmy laughed, "hey, why the sudden interest in my family, ahhh you thinking of marrying me, I know", he joked.
She kicked his foot playfully, "no...not that, but..but please tell me more"?

Jimmy wondered why her sudden interest but having very strong feelings for her answered, "well...I actually don't know much Tracy, except what my dad told me.
They had adopted me from a Church orphanage. I was 6 months old then, apparently my mom, real mom I heard was not able to take care of me and had given me up for adoption to the church".

Tracy turned cold, her face now turning pale. She not touching her food. Jimmy noticing her unusual look at him quickly enquired, ", look pale, are you alright? what's wrong Tracy", quickly putting his plate down and moving closer to her putting his arms around her shoulder.

Tracy was now lost for words, her confused mind thinking, 'could he be? he?, it can't be,...but his face, his name', then realising that he looked like the man she had a brief affair with when she was very young.

Tracy thought, there's only one way to prove he is the son she had given up for adoption in 1959. She had lost all appetite now as Jimmy continued eating but looking at her and wondering why she bringing up this subject.

" know anything about your, I mean your,...your real mother"?
"Oh no, only heard she was a young Chinese girl and educated, thats all".
"Jimmy", Tracy now holding his hand, "I am going to tell you something that you might know or don't know".

Jimmy now sat up looking at her and realised she might know something about his mother, "tell me, Tracy...I actually don't know anything else".
Tracy's eyes now glistening. Jimmy quickly putting his plate down again and his hand around her shoulder, "you alright Tracy, why..I mean, what's wrong, Tracy"?

"Jimmy...I am going to tell you something, you just listen till I finish, okay"?
Jimmy smiled hugging her, "sure Tracy, go ahead, I love mystery stories".
Looking at Jimmy, "did..did your parents,...when you were adopted, was there a note....I mean..", Tracy feeling very emotional, her eyes very moist, her heart beating very fast, "was,...was there a letter to, say your name was Jimmy? And..and, did your parents give you a locket, Chinese words, 'I love you' on it"?

Jimmy looked at her in disbelief, now shocked at hearing what she had just said. Nobody knows about that except his parents, maybe his sisters, now felt a funny kind of sensation in his body and looked at her unable to answer. Both not eating anything.

Then regaining his composure answered, "before I answer you, Tracy,...can you,..can you describe what else the letter said? Tracy...why you crying? What's wrong"?

Tracy's tears now rolling down her cheeks and in a trembling voice looking at Jimmy stammered, ", son's name is Jimmy. His date of birth is 26/Jan/xxx. I love him very much. I will miss him. Please...please give the locket,.. him", she stammering, her voice breaking up, "please..give,...give the,..the locket to him when he grows up. Please..please take care of him.
I...I love you, Jimmy. Please forgive me. Your...your loving mummy".
Jimmy seeing tears rolling down her cheeks, embraced her, she holding his hand tight.

Jimmy suddenly felt like something heavy had dropped on him as he starred at Tracy. Questions now flooding his mind. How could she know all this, and why she now very emotional?
Now it was his turn to ask her. "Tracy...which church was it and what happened after that, how do you know all this"?

She gripping his hand tightly stammered the name of the church, then said, "after that the father,..I mean the priest found her a place to stay,...and..and later helped her get a job".
Tracy looked into his eyes as he wiped her tears away with his towel.

Jimmy now thinking hard. The only people knowing all that are his parents and his sisters, Tracy couldn't have known that unless...unless, then it struck him hard!
The woman whose hand he was holding now, Tracy.... could she be, she his real mother?
Tracy too now realising the man holding her hand is the son she had given away, both now looking at each other. Jimmy now feeling very emotional.

Tracy then in a soft, broken voice, crying and sobbing, gripping his hand tightly exclaimed, "Jim..Jimmy...I,..I am the..girl,...ohhhh Jimmy, Jimmy, I'm..I'm,..your..your mother! Jimmy,....Jimmy, my son"!

She took his hand and held it tight, crying uncontrollably now, unable to believe she had found her son again.
He shocked beyond belief now lost for words now realised who Tracy is. He had found his real mother having wondered who, where she is since being told the truth by his father.
He immediately embraced her and for the first time called her, "mummy...mummy", both now crying.

They embraced each other tightly, both crying for joy. She all the years tormented by the regret, the bitterness, the remorse of having to give him away.
A young mother with no home, no money having to abandon her baby praying, hoping someone will adopt him, give him a proper home, and later wondering where he was, tormented by thoughts of not being able to see him anymore, care for him, look after him, feed him.

She now remembering that day she handed him over to the priest, he crying putting out his tiny hands at her, remembering his wet, red eyes looking at her as she turned away,...ohhh God, how she suffered, regretted, being tortured all the years of giving away, abandoning her baby and now fate or God had brought them together, a mother getting back her son and he finding his real mother.

Holding her hand, "Tracy, mummy..I,..I have the box with your locket and paper in your house".
Tracy tears rolling down her cheeks smiled, "Jimmy, lets go home now".
They quickly packed and went home, in the car talking excitedly, all thoughts of what had occurred earlier, they almost becoming lovers now totally forgotten.
He is her long lost son. Tracy holding his arm looking at him lovingly as he droved home.

At home, Jimmy quickly took out the Rosewood box and opening it took out the locket and faded paper giving it to Tracy.
She having suffered all the years now burst out crying as she held the locket again, never imagining she would ever see it again, then looked at what she had written, 'please take care of my son, I love him very much' and again thinking of how he had cried holding out his tiny hands for her when she handed him over to the priest. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she read the letter over and over again.

Jimmy, now feeling very emotional knowing Tracy is his real mother, embraced her kissing her cheeks and tears calling her, comforting her, "mummy...mummy", over and over, and she remembering the tiny hands she had walked away from so long ago, now the same hands wanting her back and now holding her made her cry uncontrollably.

Both of them just holding each other tightly, she head on his shoulders sobbing her heart out, then looked at him, her eyes now reddened from all the crying, "Jimmy....Jimmy,...please...please, forgive me, my baby. Please forgive me..for what I did to you".

Holding his mother tightly in his arms, Jimmy kissed her cheeks, her tears, "mummy....mummy, there, nothing to forgive. must have had a reason for doing what you did. No mummy,....there's nothing to forgive. You have me back now mummy, your son. You my mother. Mummy, you have found me, fate has brought us together again".
Jimmy at this time did not ask about his real father but will let her recover first and let her tell him, thinking maybe they being divorced.

Tracy looking into his eyes smiled as Jimmy wiped her tears away with his handkerchief.
Holding him tightly, she cried, "Jimmy, ooohh my baby, everyday, everynight for years I think of that morning in the church, you only 6 months old and..and," she sobbing her heart out, ", so small... putting out your small hands for me crying, I handed you over to the priest, and...and then I,...I...walked away from you.

Ohh God, forgive me, I will never ever forget how you looked at me, you were so small. All,..all those years I can hear you crying....the last time,...the last I,..I hear your,..your voice. Ohhh Jimmy, son, I'm so sorry to have hurt you like baby". She hugged him tightly.

Jimmy realising, understanding the torment, the psychological truma she must have gone thru all those years. What mother can ever do that unless she really couldn't help it, and thinking of what she had said of his little hands wanting her to hold him, carry him that morning, took a couple of steps back, looked at her, then put out both his hands, his tears coming out, "mummy...come to me".

Tracy practically threw herself into his outstretched arms crying uncontrollably, she now getting her son back. "Ohh.. Jimmy...Jimmy my baby, I love you, I love you, my baby, I will never let you go again".
"I love you too, mummy, please don't cry anymore, I will never leave you too mummy, don't cry".
She looked up at him, then kissing his cheek smiled, caressing his face, wiping his tears, "I will never leave you again too Jimmy, never. I love you my son, my baby"!

Jimmy then suggested they have some coffee to calm down, both emotionally drained. Then he suddenly remembered, "mummy", he now prefered calling her this instead of 'mom,' thinking of her words in the note, 'your loving mummy', I'm going to phone my dad...tell him I found you,...ohhh, I think he'll be so shocked and happy too".
Tracy told him to go ahead as she boiled some water to make coffee for them still unable to believe she making coffee for her son, and not her tenant anymore.

"Hello dad, its Jimmy,....yes, I'm fine, and you?....Dad, you standing up or sitting down? Okay, I guess you better sit down dad,...I have something to tell you. Oh no,...nothing serious dad, but something wonderful happened today dad"!

Jimmy was now really excited, elated, his voice emotional, "ohh, sis is there too? Good". Jimmy didn't want to shock his dad as he has not been feeling well lately, "dad, ask sis to sit beside you".
The father answering, "hey Jimmy, you sure you okay? What's going on? Alright, your sis now beside me listening, go ahead, don't tell me you won the lottery"?

Jimmy proclaiming excitedly, "Dad,, I did not win the lottery. Better than that! Dad, you told me about the young lady,...I mean..the young lady who gave me away? What? Yes dad, ha heard me correctly. Dad,,...I just found her", Jimmy's tears coming out, tears of joy now, "I found her, dad"!

"Hello,...hello dad? You there? Hello? No, I've not been drinking, ha ha, yes..yes, you heard me right dad. She...she's with me now. Huh? Yes dad...My real mummy, dad! You won't believe it dad, mummy, I mean,...I'm staying at her house, know, renting her room I told you?

She's my landlady...huh? What? Okay, I'll say again, she's my mummy, my real mother dad,...its a long story,...we only discovered it this morning.
What? Ohh,...her name's Tracy and yes,...yes dad, it is her. She wrote the words on the paper. What? Yes, yes...I will,..I will take three days off,...yes....I'm going to bring her home dad,...she's so beautiful dad. Ohhh dad, dad...I...I found my mother...she's here,...making coffee for me"!

Tracy smacked his arm playfully then hugged him tight holding him. "Okay dad, yes..yes, I'll call you again,....ohhh dad! I found my mother, I found my mummy! I'm so happy now. Okay dad, I will call you again, take care, dad. Ohhh, yes, yes...okay, love to sis...bye".

That evening Jimmy suggested they go out for dinner to celebrate. Tracy was now famished as she had not eaten her lunch at Batu Ferringhi.
Arriving at the foodcourt, she holding his arm tightly, they looked around the various stalls, then finding an empty table ordered their dinner.

Jimmy now still can't believe he now with his real mother. Tracy too while waiting for the dishes to arrive held his hands not caring about the stares they were getting from nearby tables. Anyone could see she much older than him and thinking they lovers.
Tracy wanted to know about Jimmy's family in KL.
Eating and talking excitedly, he told her about his other mom, his dad, and his three sisters as well his five neices and two nephews. When he had returned from Australia telling her about his degree, his work.

Ohh Jimmy, I'm so happy and proud of you, so happy you had good ..good parents to care and love you", Tracy smiled lovingly at him caressing his hand.
Suddenly Jimmy remembered, "you know mummy, my whole family don't play any musical instruments, but somehow I came to love the piano and...", she interrupted him exclaiming, "Jimmy, you play the piano"?
"Yes...and the violin too,....what about you"?

Tracy laughed, "Jimmy, Jimmy, you follow after me, yes I play the piano when young but not anymore, can't afford to buy one".
"Mummy, I will buy us a piano, we can play together, okay"?
Tracy looked at him nodding her head as her eyes became moist. How happy, excited and thrilled she was now as she held his hand gripping it tightly, her son. Finishing dinner, Jimmy suggested they go for a drink to celebrate.

"Oh Jimmy, I love that, going out with my son, I'm so happy now,...I always think how you look after so many years, and now my baby a handsome young man, my hero too".
Jimmy smiled as they got up to go, holding each other, Jimmy looking at her, "mummy, I will never let you go now".
"Ohhh Jimmy, I love you, my baby, yes..yes, hold me, don't let me go. I will never, ever leave you again, my baby".

Sitting down in Mutiara Hotel coffee house, Tracy now told her story. "Jimmy, I will now tell you everything about why I had to give you away".
Jimmy held her hand as she told him what had happened. How at age 16 she had met a young, handsome American soldier who was on R and R from the Vietnam war, and went on dates with him, he later returning back to Vietnam. They corresponded for a few months, then his letters stopped coming.

"Jimmy, I named you after your father". "Where is he now"?
"I don't know, Jimmy...he never replied my last three letters,...I..I don't know whether he still alive or,..or maybe was killed in Vietnam, no more contact.
I was pregnant then, few months. My parents...they,..they felt ashamed of me, don't want the baby... and,..and...I then left home. I took a bus to KL where I gave birth to you at a friend's house.
I had no money, no job, did not finish my Form 5, nobody to turn to", her eyes now moist again as Jimmy held her hand tightly.

"Ohhh Jimmy,...Jimmy, I hope you understand what I'm saying". Jimmy nodding wiped her tears rolling down her cheeks, "I do mummy, I do".
Her voice breaking up with emotion of that day's memory stammered, "I..I had no money to look after you, no house, no place to live, I,...I, ohhh, Jimmy, Jimmy,...I decided to give you to the church,...praying a good family will adopt and care for you", she now unable to continue as her tears came out.

Jimmy let her rest as he held her hand, his tears coming out too hearing her trumatic past. He let her sip the hot coffee. Managing to control her emotions now.
Tracy continued, "I..I had to sign some papers that I had given you away for adoption willingly and,...and not to try see you again,..ohhh Jimmy, I missed you, how I cried everyday and every night, thinking of you so small, so helpless.

Your hands looking for me that day in church as I walked away, you crying for me,...and as the days and months, years went by, I wondering, thinking about my baby...who your new parents were, where were you, what you doing, how you are....
And, and every year on your birthday I will buy a birthday card for you, put on my dining table, but later keeping it in my drawer,...I'll give them all to you later.
I did not even have a picture of you,...and always wondering what you look like as the years went by, whether you wondering about me or not"?

Jimmy's tears now coming out said, " dad only told me I was adopted about two years ago and since then...yes, I wondered where you are, who you are, what you look like and who my real dad is I don't look Chinese".
Tracy smiled, " look exactly like your dad, same kind of smile, hairstyle too, and your dark eyes exactly like his...he, I mean your dad...he handsome like you,...he told me he's Italian American. He was a very good man, he love me very much Jimmy and I loved him too.

Tracy and her son holding hands talked and enjoying each other's company catching up on each other's past, a mother and son......together again.
Around his neck the gold locket with the Chinese characters, 'I love you'.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Epilogue: Jimmy and Tracy are now living in San Diego, USA. Jimmy is married with two children. Tracy a proud grandmother staying with them and spoiling her grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
Jimmy when in US had made enquiries with the US Military Authorities and learned his father was killed in Vietnam.

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