Friday, October 31, 2008

Be faithful to the one you truly love.

A reader posted in my comment..."May i ask you an interesting question ?If you meet a lady who is sexier, prettier,more beautiful,more attractive and has a kinder heart than your little darling, will you fall 4 her ? ha...ha !"

I wonder who this reader is! Is a she or a he? Nevertheless i like to take this opportunity to reply this supportive reader. First i believe no two persons could be the same and nobody on earth is perfect and there is no comparison of either parties. Even twins could have different characters and personality. The person who claims he/she is perfect is a great liar. Comparison leads to frustration and discontentment.

My answer to the above interesting question is a positive NO!! That lady could be more sexier, prettier, more beautiful, more attractive and has a kinder heart....she is still not my little darling. Love won't just appear by the first sight. In fact, i don't believe at first sight in love. Sighting this fantastic lady is exciting but i could only admire and appreciate her attractiveness and beauty of her heart. To love a person, one has to take the patience to listen and to understand the inner beauty. To nurture a love relationship, both have to put effort to romance with each other. We are not just lovers, but also she is my best friend, buddy, darling, sweetheart and soul mate. It took us a long time to understand the compatibility and compassion in us. She makes me laugh whenever i am sad. She creates fun to make my life more exciting. She has the patience ears to listen to my endless stories. She will be there when i face any problems. She encourages me when I am down. She is a very wild intimate "tong tong cheang" partner who is not shy to 'yok' (disturb) my desire. She is not replaceable coz I truly love her dearly. It is by fate with the miracle of love, we met...thank you for your offer. I have to say no again to your question.

To promote growth - "A tree uses what comes its way to nurture itself. . . . Absorb, absorb, absorb. That is the secret of the tree. — Deng Ming-Dao, Taoist master & author of several books aboutTa. I think loving a person is the same.


Anonymous said...

ha...ha... In fact i expect u to answer in the same way as you did.But, i still feel that u are not as honest as Jackie Chan ( Hong Kong film star).he told the whole world that he has committed an offence that would be committed by all man le.

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous...

Jackie Chan could be honest, but i wonder whether he admitted to claim he had fallen in love with another sexy & kind hearted lady while loving his own little darling back home.

Your question was...whether I would fall in love with another better woman and not whether I would have a non love relationship with her. I think is two different meaning.

Having sex without loving the person is not love. Loving the person without having sex is not true love either.

Any was so nice of you to have asked. Our mind could not expand, if we don't think. Now I make you think and ponder over my articles. Perhaps you are now scatching your head and puzzling what is right and wrong. If you do..then wisdom will come. This is how I started to write on my blog.

Thanks once again. Pls do drop by.

Anonymous said...

This time, I totally agree with your statement " having sex withoutloving the person is not love ( sex urge ? )and loving a person without having sex is not true ( and also complete ? )love either "Do you know mandarin ? I should say " ku fu xin fu " anyway thank 4 the comment, i enjoy your humour, t q.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Mr Salesman!

You aledi know selling through the heart better than through the mind.

You are now writing from your mind, Mr Salesman.

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous...31 Oct

I am glad you like my humour. I know little of Mandarin but little darling knows. Thank you once again.

Robert Foo said...

Hi eq...

To write everyday, one has to write with the mind and the heart.You are only reading my blog with the mind but if you could read all my titles and read it everyday, I have to touch your heart. Anyway I am glad you are reading my reply on this comment now.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the word 'now' in my comment.

Anonymous said...

dear RF,

i agreed on this"Be faithful to the one you truly love"and be honest too.i have experienced before but i dont blame them and at the same time,this make me more wiser and know to love myself more and i live my life happily now..

"be faithful to everyone you care,be truthful to your loved one and learn to value yourself"

Robert Foo said...

Hi Megatron..

Happiness is to see others happier...including being faithful and honest to those you love most.
We learn from our mistakes which make us wiser and happier too.

Thank you for reading my blog and adding your heart felt comment.