Monday, October 13, 2008

Thinking of her.

To that special lady I love....

You might be afar
But your heart is always a near
I might not be able to touch you
But for sure I could feel you
Your look is sweetie
Your words are witty
Your eyes are sexy
My mind goes crazy
When you swing your solid breasts
My hand will never fail to press
I need you badly
Coz I love you dearly
Without you, life is nothing
Darling, you are something
Just want to say...I love you
While waiting for you.

A romantic phrase shared by one of my supportive reader, Lee - "Men always want to be woman's first love. Women like to be a man's last romance."


Anonymous said...

To my dearest sweetheart,
Because of u my face has glow
Because of u my days are better
Because of u my laughters are sweeter
Because of u my heart is in peace
I love u more than words can say....
little darling

Robert Foo said...

Hi Little darling anonymous

Wherever you are
Or whoever you may be
I have to die on you feet
Coz you are too tempting a little darling to be with...

Anonymous said...

From a rough stone comes beauty and love.

When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks.

What makes a man to buy a ring? When he meets a beautiful woman, someone he wants to share his life with till eternity. And what better way than a ring to say, "I love you, will you marry me"?

Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration.

Romantic love remembers what pleases a woman, what excites her and what surprises her.

It's actions whisper, 'you are the most special person in my life'.

'Your voice makes me tremble inside, and your smile is an invitation for my imagination to go wild'.

'Love is like a Rose. When pressed between two lifetimes, it lasts forever'.

'Every mother generally hopes that her daughter will snag a better husband than she managed to do.
But she's certain that her boy will never get as great a wife as his father did'.

'There are three things a man can do to a woman. Love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature'.

'When you see what some girls marry, you realize how they must hate to work for a living'.

Incidentally, there is today deep in the depths of the sea between Butterworth and Penang lies a pair of emerald diamond earrings, and a matching emerald, diamond cluster gold ring and someday, somewhere, someone will thru the strong tides and currents pick them up on a beach.

They belonged to a lady I had presented to, and who I had loved like no other and two weeks from asking her to be my wife, she betrayed me. She was the only woman to have ever broken my heart and made me cry.
I threw them into the sea in her presence while on board a Penang Ferry. (See my archives, "'A betrayal of virtues', d/d 12/12/07.)

'Love compromise: An amiable arrangement between husband and wife whereby they agree to let her have her own way'.

Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl'.

'A kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclaimation point.
That's basic spelling every woman should know'.

'To a woman the first kiss is just the end of a beginning. But to a man, it is the beginning of an end'.

'Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences'.

'Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said.
After marriage he'll fall asleep before you finish saying it'.

'A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man'.

'Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I'm yours forever.

'Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile'.

'Diamonds never leave do'.

'If you would be loved, love and be lovable'.

'Women who feel naked without their lipstick are well above thirty'.

'There are two words that men dislike hearing, "don't", and, "stop". Unless you put them together'.

'We don't love qualities. We love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities'.

'Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards'.

'A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life'.

'Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we marry'.

'I heard someone whisper your name. But when I turned around to see who it was, I was alone.
Then I realised that it was my heart telling me that I miss you'.

'No man is worth your tears. But once you find one that is, he won't make you cry'.

'I fell in love at first sight. I should have looked twice'.

'No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice gentleman who wishes that she is not'.

'Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice. But falling in love with you, I had no control over'.

'Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only lovers will leave a footprint in your heart'.

'When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed, you had my urge to laugh with you.
When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever'.
'True love doesn't have a happy ending. True love doesn't have an ending'.

'Love me without fear, trust me without questioning. Need me without demanding, want me without restrictions. Accept me without change, desire me without inhibitions.

'One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love'.

'Kissing a girl's hand may make her feel good, but a diamond and sapphire ring will last forever'.

When I asked a lovely, long haired young lady many years ago to share my life with me for always, I handed her a bouquet of red roses and kneeling down in front of her by the seawall at Penang's E&O hotel, a beautiful full moon throwing reflections on her face.

I said, "This bouquet of a dozen red roses are for you. I will love you till the last one dies".
There were 11 real roses, and one made of silk. And knotted to the red silk rose was a diamond cluster ring.

That single silk rose in a crystal vase is in our living room today, to remind me of my love for her. And I love her today like I met her yesterday.

I did it my way. Regrets I have, but too few to mention.

Anonymous said...

A Betrayal Of Virtues.

A betrayal of virtues like worthless grains of sand. Circa 1970's. Kuala Lumpur, Penang.
The story you are about to read is my own personal experience.

'When you smiled, you had my undivided attention. When you laughed, you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever'.

The sky was dark, loud thunder claps of lightning flashed across the sky and the rain pouring down as I returned to my office one late afternoon.

Entering my office my secretary passed me a message, "ohhh, Mr Lee, a Mr Yeoh from Butterworth rang you and asked you return his call asap, shall I ring him up for you now"? "Yes, please".

"Hello Yeoh, Lee...whats all this 'asap' you left for me"?

"Hello Lee, my big chief has seen and scrutinized your project proposals and would like to see you asap, when can you come up"?
"Yeoh, tell me, what are my chances"? "Looks good, Lee, but sorry, cannot tell you more or I've to look for a new job, ha ha, but stand by to buy me a dinner".
I caught his hint, "okay, I will be ignoramus, I will drive up early, be at your office by 10am".
"Okay Lee, see you at 10, drive carefully".

My secretary then knocked on my door bringing me my glass of iced coffee, "ohh.. June, can you book me a room at Rasa Sayang Penang, two nights, I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning, straight from home, and June, better pass me anything needs my signature".

Thursday morning. Leaving my house at 5.30am, I took a leisurely drive to Penang, and arrived Butterworth around 9.30. Stopping at a coffeehouse for a quick coffee as well to put on my tie, I then drove for my appointment.

Arriving at the large manufacturing plant, I parked my red Alfa Romeo car and getting out of my car adjusted my tie checking my shirt in its place, then collecting my briefcase from the rear seat, made my way thru the tinted glass doors.

Having been here three times, last was two weeks ago, I walked towards Yeoh's office, and noticed he had a new secretary. As I approached, she got up addressing me, "good morning, you must be Mr Lee from KL"?

"Yes, is Yeoh in or still sleeping at home"? She laughed, I noticing her pearly white teeth and cute dimples.

"Ohh no, Mr Lee, he's at the rear with the boss, just checking on something, ask you to give him a few minutes, you can sit here, Mr Lee and ohhh, my name is Yvonne, can I offer you coffee while you wait"? She pointing to me a visitors leather settee near her table.

"Thank you Yvonne, you have a lovely name, just had one, I'll wait". She smiled, "thank you, Mr Lee".

I couldn't help noticing she was tall about 5'4", with her 2" inch black, court shoes about 5'6", vivacious, with nice legs and stunningly beautiful with baby complexion, and high cheekbones scoring an 81/2 on my personal beauty scale, long hair loosed on her shoulders. I guessed her age around 26. She was very fair with a guitar shape, voluptuous figure in her fitting, dark Navy blue, knee length tight skirt and white blouse. She had beautiful luscious red lips and a alluring smile. I took a discreet glance at her fingers, wedding band nor any finger sun marks.

Pretending to glance at the morning's Straits Times I said, "was here two weeks ago, and I never forget a pretty face, I didn't see you"?

"Ohh, thank you, Mr Lee", giving me a lovely smile that almost made me forget why I was there, "I just joined the company about ten days ago".

Hmm, I thought, she is a real classy lady. Just then Yeoh and his boss walked in, he and the boss greeting me as I stood up to shake hands.

While the boss stopped to talk to one of the male administrators nearby, Yeoh invited me in the spacious conference room next to his room with its polished, oval teakwood long table with chairs for twelve. He teased, "noticed you chatting with my new girl, Yvonne, just joined recently, hey, knowing you, you not thinking of hijacking her, huh"?

"Yeoh, I will never employ a woman like her", pausing to light a cigarette.

"And Lee, pray tell me why, especially someone with her body and looks", he laughed.

"Hey, if I employ her, I can't date her". He looked at me, "ahhh, I missed that, you're right...I only can look", he nudged me, "my wife just have to see me walking with her even three feet apart she'll go into one of her fits and even I hold the Bible and swear she will think I have ulterior motives".

We both laughed just as the boss came in followed by the group accountant, and introducing me to him, then his General Manager as well Factory manager. His secretary sitting at a corner taking down minutes. He invited us to sit down and said, "Lee, I have gone thru your very well planned proposals, and if you don't mind, why don't you clarify your parts and services, and alternative backup as well how you can accomplish the project within your given datelines for the benefit of the gentlemen here".

"I'd be delighted to, Mr Sim", and then using their view graph projector did my final presentation as well our payment terms.

While I stood in front next to the white screen board with my pointer describing our pictorial diagrams, Yvonne came in holding the door open for the coffee lady who pushed in a trolley with hot coffee as well some local cakes.

I stole a discreet glance at Yvonne, Yeoh smiling at me giving me a cheeky wink. She really has nice legs.

After our coffee break the boss left us and told me, "Lee, you have convinced me, I leave you now to convince the others, and if everything okay...when you going home"?

"Ohh, day after, Mr Sim". "Good, we should be able to confirm our agreement latest tomorrow evening, okay with you".

"Please take your time, Mr Sim, I can wait". He shook hands with me.
My meeting and presentation as well questions and answers lasted till 5.30pm. Yeoh then promised to get in touch with me at my hotel, I thanked everyone and Yeoh escorting me out, I noticing Yvonne not at her table walked to my car.

Leaving the car park about to turn left to head for the ferry terminal, I checking for traffic caught sight of Yvonne at a bus stop fifty yards away and drove over. "Hi Yvonne, I'm free, can I offer you a ride to wherever you going, include Singapore". She laughed, "Ohh, Mr Lee, I'm going back home to Penang, getting the bus to the terminal".

I opened the passenger door, "hop in, I'm heading to Penang too". She thanking me got into my car exposing her beautiful, creamy legs as she adjusted her safety belt, "hmmm, I love your beautiful car and the colour, an Alfa Romeo, right"?

"Yes, I travel a lot and enjoy driving fast".

"I don't have a car, but sometimes use my brother's Fiat if he's around, otherwise no problems taking the bus".

Arriving on board the ferry, I parked the car and we got out walking to the bow, leaning against the rails as I lighted my cigarette and chatted with her.
I noticed quite a few men taking looks at her as the breeze blew her hair, she brushing it down with her hand. I thought she really looked seductively beautiful. And just to confirm my earlier observation, I glanced at her fingers, yes, no wedding band. She teased me about having seen me adjusting my tie and shirt in the morning thru the tinted glass walls, "Mr Yeoh did tell me to expect a tall gentleman, you are tall, Mr Lee".

"Ohh, please call me Lee, Yvonne, and yes, can have its advantages and disadvantages, my height, I mean".

She smiled, giving me a sideways flirtatious look, "tell me".
"Ahhh, keep banging my head walking along shop fronts or in stores and still having difficulty looking for a tall girlfriend". I noticed she too stole a glance at my fingers, no ring.

"Ohhh Lee, I'm sure you don't have any problems with that, do you"? "Up to yesterday, yes, but today all my chantings and prayers have been answered". She laughed, "and may I know how or who"? She tossing her long hair back flirtatiously, giving me a beautiful dimpled smile.

"Well, first I have to thank the Man up there tonight for answering my prayers, and then will let you know tomorrow at precisely 10.30am".

She laughed, "what you mean? You coming over to tell me, can phone you know"? I just smiled, "wait till tomorrow". She giggled looking at me enquiringly as I changed subject. The ferry now coming for docking and we returned to my car.

She giving me directions to her house in Green Lane, I noting carefully the road signs and landmarks and then pointing out her house to me. It is one of those typical large, Penang double story terraced homes built before the war, with its wooden louvered shutters at the windows and decorative wooden carving main door.

"When you returning to KL, Lee"? "Ahh, day after, as have to wait for your boss's confirmation tomorrow".

"Lee, I hope you secure the project, I think you will". "Thank you Yvonne, I hope so".

Just as we arrived at her door a lady wearing a sarong and blouse, about 50 and pretty opened the door. "Lee, meet my mom, and mom, this is Mr Lee, he kind enough to give me a lift home".

"Hello aunty, pleasure meeting you".

"Hello Mr Lee, won't you come in for coffee". "Yes, Lee, do come in".

"I would love to aunty, Yvonne, but thank you, I have to go, have an appointment", I lied, my Ninjalogy book of seduction page 26 says never rush into a friendship with a beautiful lady on same day. Never let them sniff your dishonourable intentions. Mine was by no means honourable. Yvonne thanking me, I saying 'good evening' to them and left seeing her wave.

On the way to my hotel I stopped at a florist shop. "Hello Mister, can I help you"? "Yes, I want two dozen half opened, yellow rose buds to be delivered tomorrow morning".

"Where deliver, Mister"?

"Butterworth, but it must be delivered to the person at exactly 10.30am, not one minute less, not one minute more, exactly on time, can or not"?

"Ahhh, can, can, we have another branch Butterworth, I tell them, 10.30 exactly, important the time, ahhh"?

"Yes, if you can't I will find another shop".

"Mister, I guarantee you, roses arrive exactly 10.30am, I make sure delivery man wait at the address, then bring roses in on time, okay"?


I then gave her the name and address, and seeing some greeting cards on display selected one. I wrote, "Yvonne, the answer to your 'how and who' is written on a piece of paper and will be given to you tonight at the E&O Hotel dining room at 7.30pm. May I have the pleasure of your lovely company for dinner and an after dinner waltz? Please leave your answer with Rasa Sayang reception, earliest convenience. By the way, hope you love fresh Australian rock oysters"? Signed, 'red car owner. Ps, oysters taste better if in sarong or cheong sum'.

Friday morning: Waking up around 9am, I had my breakfast downstairs at the coffeehouse, then bringing the morning papers with me, went for a walk along the beach, and finding a beach chair relaxed and read the papers same time eyeing some foreign ladies in bikinis sunbathing by poolside. Seeing my watch showing 10.20am, I returned to the coffeehouse for a glass of iced coffee on the way informing reception if any message, I'll be at the coffeehouse.

I kept an eye on my watch, it now showed 10.30am. I relaxed and continued reading my papers.

10.45am. A bellboy walked into the coffeehouse carrying a signboard, "message for Mr Lee at reception". I nodded at him and signing the bill, walked over to reception. One of the lovely receptionists handed me a sealed hotel envelope. Opening it, I read, "Lee, looking forward to 'how and who'. Yes, I accept your kind invitation. You not by any chance owner of a watch/clock store? Will be ready at 7pm', signed, Y.

Feeling thrilled and excited, I asked reception for one of their hotel writing pads and tearing off a page, I wrote, "How? Been praying for someone with height above 5'2", HE answered me. Who? A beautiful rose by the name of Yvonne". I then sealed it in a hotel envelope and drove to E&O hotel and asking for the beverage manager, passed him the sealed envelope, on it her name, telling him to please book a table for two tonight 7.20pm giving him my name, "and please get one of your waiters to hand this envelope to the lady with me at sharp 7.30pm".
He smiled and assured me it will be delivered at time requested. I winked playfully, "asking her to marry me". He laughed shaking my hand, "Mr Lee, I wish you all the very best, can hold your wedding here". Cheeky fellow! I laughed.
I later stopped at a supermarket and bought a large tin of Danmark butter cookies.

Back at the hotel there was a message from Yeoh, "Lee, congratulations, the deal is yours, official confirmation follows to your office next week. Well done", signed, 'yeoh'. I let out a soft whistle, the deal was worth several millions.

Arriving at her house at 6.50pm purposely, her mom invited me in and calling out to Yvonne upstairs, "Yvonne, Mr Lee is here". "Lee, I'll be down in a few minutes". The mother inviting me to have a seat I declining her offer of coffee.

"Aunty, please call me 'Lee'. I got something for you". She looking at me then at the paperbag, "ohhh, Mr..I mean Lee, you shouldn't have, thank you very much", and seeing what it was, "ohhh, I love this, Yvonne too".
"Ahhh, I guess correctly then, aunty". She laughed. I noticed she looking at me like any anxious mother would, but more relaxed now. I was dressed in my beige, long sleeve silk shirt and black pants, my patent leather black shoes gleaming, having had the hotel to have it polished last night. We chatted and I noticing she stole a glance at my fingers. Hearing footsteps coming down the wooden staircase, I turned and my heart missed four beats as I caught my breath.

Yvonne looked absolutely, delectably, breathtakingly sensational in her dark blue, fitting, floral batik sarong, showing a perfect figure of eight body, and light blue laced blouse. Her long hair now brushed to one side of her face, exposing her gold Gypsy earring. I exclaimed, "Yvonne, you look breathtakingly beautiful"! Her mother looking at her smiled approvingly, then telling Yvonne, "see what Lee bought for us, Yvonne".

"Lee, oh my, thank you, I adore those cookies". She having put on her high heels I noticed with straps, we then said goodnight to the mother, I saying, "aunty, I'll bring her home safe around midnight". She giggled, "Ohh, its okay Lee, you both have fun". Hmmm, I like her mother already.

E&O hotel dining room. A waiter escorted us to a table close to the dance floor as Albert, the resident pianist and Dorothy resident singer waved and greeted me.

"Ohhh, they know you here I see, you come here often"? "Not that often, only when doing my business entertainment". Sitting down she teased, "hmm, business entertainment"?

"Yes, told you I was praying for a tall girlfriend, so instead entertained business clients". She smiled, "okay Lee, I let you order the drinks". I then told the waiter, "please bring her a glass of Southern Comfort, crushed ice and two fingers lemonade, and make mine a Jack Daniels on the rocks".

Just then another waiter arrived and approaching Yvonne, "excuse me miss, message for you". It was 7.30. I pretended not to notice lighting my cigarette as she thanked him then opened the sealed envelope noticing the Rasa Sayang logo on the envelope and smiling at me. She read the message and burst out laughing, and touching my hand exclaimed, "ohhh Lee! You so original"!

I answered, "hey, someone of your exquisite beauty, I have to jump que, and no, I don't own a watch or clock store". We both laughed as she held my hand and smiled, her ruby red lips shimmering in the dim lights,"thank you, Lee and thank you for inviting me out".

Just then her Caesar salad and my thousand Island shrimp salad arrived, followed by the oysters. We klink glasses and I said, "here's to our coming marriage". Yvonne's hand quickly covering her mouth, "COUGH, COUGH, Ahemmm, COUGH"! I had to quickly grab the napkin to hand to her as she had coughed out abit of her drink, she wiping herself and then on her blouse as she coughed several times more making some of the nearby diners turn to look at her, thinking she had choked on the oysters.

"Ohhh, LEE"! She exclaimed giggling, smacking my hand playfully, thats not fair of you, I almost choked to death, ha ha, ohhh, you"! I laughed. She pinching my hand, "hey, isn't that a very fast proposal, we only met yesterday, you know"?

I laughed, "Yvonne, with someone like you, time is of the essence", I winked. She laughing.

Finishing our steak dinner I suddenly remembered, "hey, Yeoh left a message for me, I got the deal". "Wow, Lee, congratulations,'ll be coming up to Penang often now"? She looked at me. I teased, "oh no, will be sending my assistant instead, nothing for me here, have to go look for other deals, you know". Seeing her slightly disappointed look I laughed, "just kidding, I still got a big deal to close at your office"?

"Huh? I thought that is the only one". "Oh, this deal involves a beautiful rose". She laughed pinching my hand playfully.

Finishing our dinner, we went out to the seawall to enjoy the fresh cool air, seeing the beautiful lighted ships at anchor, and the starry skies above. It was a beautiful night. Yvonne looking exceptionally beautiful as we leaned against the seawall and chatted awhile. Then hearing Albert playing his beautiful piano music, I said, "Yvonne, can I sweep you off your feet to a waltz"?

"Wow, Lee, I only know the basics, more disco, you know, but I do love dancing the waltz. You must be a good dancer".

I laughed, "still only a brown belt".

Walking in to the ballroom, we sat down ordering another round of drinks as I wrote on a napkin, 'Albert, please play, 'Anniversary waltz, and Blue Danube in slow tempo, appreciate Dorothy accompany, thank you', Lee.

Telling a waiter, "please bring a Gin lime for Dorothy, a Chivas Regal for Albert and the drummer, my compliments and hand to him this", giving him my song request.

Albert and Dorothy receiving the drinks raised their hands nodding their thanks, and a few minutes later hearing Dorothy announcing on the mike, "ladies and gentleman, Albert at the piano, the Anniversary waltz and a special request for Mr Lee and his lovely partner to the floor, please".

Yvonne exclaimed, "ohh gosh, Lee, you better hold me tight and guide me". "I will, Yvonne, with pleasure".

Escorting her to the edge of the floor, some diners applauding, men turning to admire her, listening to the waltz beat, I embraced her and then glided with her across the floor doing a ballroom waltz, we the only couple dancing, everyone now looking at us. Yvonne gripping my hand tightly, as I did the double sidestep cross, open butterfly, she following my steps beautifully then a double open promanade.

"Wow, Lee, and you said you got a brown belt"? I laughed as I held her close, her shimmering red lips close to mine and swept her across the floor, I was lost to her beautiful, charming presence and the seductive perfume scent of a woman.

As Albert played beautifully the last strains of The Blue Danube, I held Yvonne close and did a double pivot spin and a waist drop receiving applause from the diners, as I then thanked Albert and Dorothy, and acknowledge the diners. Yvonne was blushing as we sat down, "gosh Lee, I will never forget this night, thank you".
"Yes, you do that when we go on our honeymoon", I dodging her pinch as she laughed.

I took her home a few minutes before midnight noticing an upstairs window lights still on. "hmm, I guess my mom still awake, my dad gone out of town with my brother on business". Escorting her to her front door, we said 'goodnight', she kissing my cheek, 'thank you for a beautiful evening, Lee. I really enjoyed myself so much, not to mention almost choking to death too". We both laughed as she held my hand, "will I be seeing you again, or your assistant coming"?

I laughed, "will a drive around Penang Island tomorrow morning, lunch at Balek Pulau tempt you to come out with me? I'll postpone my return to KL, unless you have a prior engagement".

"Oh no, Lee, I'd love too, in your beautiful car, yes, what time"? "Make it, 10.30, enough time for your beauty sleep"?

"I'll be ready, Lee".

And thus, as the days and weeks and six months passing by, I had fallen madly in love with her and she confessing her love for me. I would on couple of occassions fly her to Singapore for a weekend, do some shopping as well dancing at the Mandarin's Kasbah niteclub or Shangrila's Xanadu niteclub.

All this while I was learning, appreciating her beautiful, old fashioned virtues, her graciousness, her sweet gentle charms, her very soft, demure ways especially when she smiles at one of my cheeky jokes. She was one real classy lady in many ways. Never a harsh word, never an uncomfortable word escaping her lips, even when annoyed.
I had even tested her sewing abilities, one evening before arriving her house, I had purposely plucked one button off my shirt and when arriving, telling her I'd like to borrow a needle and thread, showing her my loose button. She laughed, "ohhh Lee, let me sew it for you". I watched as she very deftly stitched it back. She scoring 15 points in my book.

When she first invited me for dinner, "Lee, I'm going to cook your favourite, steamed grouper fish dinner and kangkong belachan as well assam fish with blimbing, I had purposely arrived half hour early to see who was doing the cooking? It was her, with mother standing by she doesn't add too much rempah or burn the kitchen down. She scored 25 points in my book.

Her mother as well father and brother had accepted me well too. I would join her father having a Brandy once awhile after dinner at her house. It was the 7th month when I learned of her mother's birthday and she inviting me to join her family as well other aunties and uncles at a two table dinner celebration at Eden's.

That afternoon, I went shopping and bought a Royal Doultan gold rimmed coffee set for the mother's birthday, she exclaiming her shock at receiving the very expensive set.

"Oh my God, Lee! Royal Doultan! Why you spent so much money on me, but I love it, thank you, Lee...we'll have coffee from these next day, she proudly showing the present to everyone. At the dinner party I was apart from the mother, the centre of attraction, her aunties and other relatives studying, and looking at me, they suspecting it won't be long before seeing a wedding band on Yvonne's finger from the way we holding hands and looking at each other. Anyone could see we were both crazy about each other. The mother telling her sisters what I had bought for her birthday, with one of the aunties teasing me, "hey Lee, my birthday next month, ha ha".

One weekend I arrived at her house, she still had not returned from shopping with her girlfriends, and the mother alone at home invited me in for coffee. I took the opportunity to talk to her telling her, "aunty, can you keep a secret"?

She laughed, "I can, what is it"? She was now very comfortable with me, I know she likes me very much too and would bake cakes for me, especially my favourites pineapple tarts and cream puffs.

"Well, this between you and me, aunty, but I will be leaving for Taiwan, then Japan for a few weeks work and factory visits there, and when I return, would you accept me as your son-in-law"?

She at once took both my hands, "Ohhh Lee! Yes, yes...any mother would be happy to have you as a son in law, and me especially. Lee, you are so good to Yvonne, she tells me all about you, and always shows me the presents you buy for her, perfumes, dresses. When, Lee"?

"Ohhh, when I return from Tokyo, I think I will be getting a promotion too, got abit more money, ha ha". She laughed, "Lee, my husband and I will be proud to have you as our son in law, and Yvonne will be so thrilled too, but don't worry, I'll keep this secret with you, I won't even tell my husband". I like her, my kind of mother-in-law. No trace of kaypoh genes.

As Yvonne had not returned home yet, we had coffee and I took out from my pocket a present I had bought for Yvonne, "aunty, have a look at this presents I bought for Yvonne last week when I was in Singapore". She looked at the small, black velvet box and opened it and seeing a pair of emerald and diamond earrings and a gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, gasped loudly, "OHH MY GOD, LEE"! They',...they're so BEAUTIFUL! You really have exquisite taste"!

I smiled, "I hope Yvonne likes it". She laughing excitedly, interrupted, "like it? She's going to propose to you instead, ohhh my Lee, it must have cost you a fortune, I mean, this..this are beautiful emeralds, and...and diamonds"!

"Yes, aunty, nothing but the best for Yvonne, anyway, my boss gave me a big bonus recently and thought I'll get these for her, a token of my love for her".

"Lee, what can I say, if she doesn't marry you, I will", we both laughed, as the door opened and Yvonne walking in saying, "ahaa, what are both of you up too, and mom, can hear your laughter from outside too. Lee telling you one of his naughty jokes I suppose"?

Putting her shopping stuff aside she came and kissed my cheeks. I had quickly hidden the jewelery behind my back when she opened the door. The mother saying, "Yvonne, I better make you your hot cocoa now".

"Mom, you know I always make it myself, thanks, but do I sniff something going on between you two", she teased us, winking at me. She was dressed in her stretch black slacks and red blouse looking alluringly beautiful.

The mother said, "its okay, I'll make it for you", she smiling at me. Yvonne then showed me a couple of dresses she had bought and scarves. She saying, "you just arrived, early as usual". I said, "ohh, about 20 minutes ago, nothing to do so thought I come for your mom's coffee". Just then the mother brought out her hot cocoa, Yvonne thanking her taking a sip blowing the heat away. The mother sitting excitedly beside her, holding her hand.

"Mom, you're acting very strange today, anything I should know"? Mom giggling.

I then took out the velvet box, "Yvonne, I got these for you from my trip to Singapore last week". Yvonne starred at the box, knowing it's a jewelery box.

"Ohhh Lee, you shouldn't have, you already gave me so many presents, what is it"? The mother nudged her, "open it, Yvonne". She opened it slowly, then looked at me, then cried out, "LEE! Oh gosh! They're beautiful! For me"?

"Yes, Yvonne, its yours, with all my love, for always until the emeralds change colours". She holding the pair of emerald and diamond earrings, then trying on the emerald, diamond gold ring on her finger, it fitted perfectly. I had actually recently while pretending to look at her custume ring had when she not looking quickly pressed the ring against my hotel bar of soap getting an imprint of it.

Yvonne with tears rolling down her cheeks came over and kneeling beside me, kissed my cheek, "Lee, I love you, thank you, my darling, thank you so much, I will treasure it always and promise you, this beautiful ring will never ever leave my finger, I will carry your love for me everyday and night".
The mother joked, "Yvonne, you better be careful with them, they must be very, very expensive". Yvonne wiping her tears with my handkerchief smiled, "Lee, I am going to cook you the best dinner you ever had, tomorrow night".

"Ahhh, I knew these presents will get me an invitation to your cooking". The mother hugged her, "Yvonne, I'll help you cook". She teased her mother, "you're still acting strange". The mother laughed.

The next month I came up to Penang every weekend either flying or driving as I had two weeks more with her before I leave for Taiwan and Japan for a few weeks. We spent weekends having pinics at Balek Pulau or Batu Ferringhi or going up Penang Hill. One day inviting the mother for dinner too. Yvonne and I really in love and the mother could see I was so much in love with her doting on her.

Arriving on a Friday evening by air, and having dinner at her house with her parents, Yvonne said, "ohh yes Lee, some girlfriends of mine have invited you and me to join them tomorrow night at the Continental Skyroom do some disco".

I infact wanted to take her for seafood dinner at a restaurant in Batu Ferringhi and somehow felt reluctant to go as I wanted to spend this weekend with her alone, but she persuaded me to come along, "it'll be fun Lee, you already met Doreen, Linda and Cynthia".

Saturday evening we had an early dinner at Gurney Drive, and around 9.30pm took a taxi to Continental Hotel, taking the elevator up to the nightclub top floor. It was quite dark with the lights dimmed, and quite crowded as we looked around for her friends when we heard Cynthia calling her name waving at us. There was 8 of them, all bringing their boyfriends along introducing me to them.

I noticed a white guy sitting next to Janet who then introduced him to Yvonne, then me, saying, "Tony is on holiday here visiting us, and thought let him meet my friends". Seeing his dark hair and Robert De Nero kind of good looks, even though he about 5'7" guessed he must be an Italian American.

While sitting and chatting with everyone, Tony invited Yvonne to dance with him. Yvonne looked at me and I smiled, "go ahead". It was disco music being played by the band. I chatted with the others. Awhile later the band switched to a slow Foxtrot music and I noticed Tony still dancing with Yvonne and holding her fairly close, she laughing and joking with him, I noticing quite flirtatiously too. Her giveaway when flirting with me is to brush her hair with one hand and smile. She was doing it with Tony now.

Cynthia, Pat and Doreen looked at me seeing Tony continuing to dance with Yvonne the third change of music. Janet and them I could see felt very uncomfortable seeing Tony hanging on to Yvonne like a lifebelt, knowing the fact I was her steady boyfriend and also guessing it won't be long I marrying her.

When the music finished Tony brought Yvonne back, she still giggling at what Tony had told her. While we all chatted I noticed Tony eyeing her, even making eyes at her and she smiling at him. I pretended not to notice even though Cyntha and Pat had noticed. I was also holding back my temper not wanting to create a scene by inviting him outside and taking out his front teeth with respect for the others as well Janet is a good friend with us. I kept my cool but lost the night's enjoyment. Linda sitting beside me touched my hand smiling at me, she sensing I was holding back my anger as I was now quiet.

Tony danced with Yvonne three more times that night and twice with Janet. The way he held Yvonne was making my blood boil inside. I wanted to punch him when we went downstairs after the dance, the rest inviting us for a late night supper, Yvonne wanting to come along, but I politely declined knowing I will take out Tony's front teeth if he looks at Yvonne again. I could see Yvonne enjoying his company or his Hollywood good looks from the way she flirted with him. I still don't know how I managed to keep my cool and later taking her home, did not say much, just a curt 'goodnight' and thanking her for coming out, then left for my hotel.

About a week later after visiting Yvonne and having dinner with her, her father with her and mother sent me to the airport for my flight to Taiwan and Japan. I would be away four weeks.
Before going to her house that evening, I went to the florist I had frequented, the lady greeting me, "how are you, Mr Lee".
"I'm fine, thank you. Mrs Chang, I want you to send a small bouquet of three half opened, red rose buds once a week every Friday morning, next three weeks to this person", giving her Yvonne's name and her house address. I then wrote on three cards she passed to me, "Yvonne, just to say, I love you, be back soon", signed, Lee.

She told me how much the cost and I paid her. She assuring the roses will be delivered. I said, "oh yes, please send one week red, one week yellow". She giggled, "okay, Mr Lee, no problems for you, thank you".

Taipeh Hilton: The first three nights I rang her she saying how much she misses me, and telling me, "I love you, my darling, I miss you so much". I did not phone next two nights as was having dinners with several business people. But looking forward to going home and then proposing to her, once awhile practicing my proposal speech. I had already confided to her mother again, I will be proposing to Yvonne on my return.

Arriving Tokyo and staying at the Hilton the following evening, I rang her up. It was her mother who took my call and saying Yvonne had gone for dinner with her friends. We chatted for a few minutes and hung up. I did not think of anything, but glad she was having fun with her girlfriends.
Next night it was her mother again taking the call and said she was at a friend's house. My radar now activated sniffing something is wrong somewhere. I phoned her office and learned from Yeoh she had some urgent things to settle and had taken 'no pay leave'. I phoned her house, the mother taking my call. "Aunty, where is Yvonne, I phoned her office, she had taken no pay leave. Where is she aunty, anything wrong"?

The mother was silent for several seconds and then replied in a slightly stammering voice. I could sense her slight emotional voice, "ohhh...Lee, Yv..Yvonne,...Yvvone has gone for holidays with her friends". Hearing her emotional voice, I knew something was seriously wrong. I said, "aunty, I'm taking the next flight back, bye," I hung up. I gave an excuse to the business people I had something urgent in KL and will be back in two days.

The flight arrived KL late at night, I taking the first morning flight to Penang and took a taxi to her house. The mother opening the door for me and greeting me, her eyes moist. I knew there was something wrong now. She invited me in and quickly making coffee for me, then sat beside me. I enquired, "aunty, we have known each other almost a year, please tell me the truth about Yvonne, where is she"? My hand trembled as I lighted my cigarette. I then noticed three red roses in a vase on the dining table. It was from mrs Chang the florist following my instructions.

She now had tears in her eyes and holding my hand, "ohhh Lee...Lee, I don't know how to, tell you or,..or explain, but...", her tears rolling down her cheeks, I taking my handkerchief wiping her tears, she gripping my hand, "Lee...Yvonne,...she...she has gone to US for two weeks". "Where in US, aunty"? I enquired, my heart now beating with a horrible apprehension sensing something serious was happening.

"She..she has gone to Boston". At once I knew it must be with Tony as Janet had told us he was from Boston. How could she? My Yvonne, my Yvonne who just told me she loves me? Why didn't she tell me? And she only in Taiwan had told me how much she loved me? And I loving all her wonderful virtues and wanting her for my lifelong partner, be my wife. Why? Why?

I then gripped aunty's hand, "she went with that American fellow, am I right"? Aunty now sobbing, nodded, "ohhh Lee..Lee, I'm so sorry, I..I tried to stop her, we all tried to stop her..but,..but", she sobbing now too emotional to say anymore. I hugged her as I too now couldn't hold back my emotions any longer, the pain, my heart now broken, my dreams, my love for a beautiful woman all shattered, and for the first time in my life, I cried.

Aunty and I holding hands both crying, she out of love and pity for me, I my heart now completely broken, unable to understand why? Unable to comprehend how Yvonne within days of my leaving could follow Tony back to Boston? My anger now instigating me to take the next flight out to US, Boston and to do what I should have done the week before at the niteclub.

But even though my heart now in pieces, I now a totally broken man, thought would it be good enough I go to Boston and punch all his teeth out? No, it takes two to Tango, it is his doing as much as hers. I had seen, all her friends had seen how she flirted with him right infront of us, and now all the virtues she had the past many months shown me, told I learned it was for her own self honour and self praise, but it was just mere words, her virtues now like worthless grains of sand. She had lied to me.

I have never cried that much in my life, at my age too. Aunty now putting her hands around my shoulders trying her best to comfort me, then making another cup of coffee for me. My head on my knees, I just cried my heart out, for the woman I love, now in the arms of a man she had just met. She had tossed aside the love I had for her like sand, and I feeling I had been one of a musical chair, she using the word 'love' to me like it was just a word. I realise I was now just a distraction for her, nothing more. If she can do it to me now, today, she can and will do it again. My love to her now nothing but grains of sand.

After half an hour of feeling miserable, I now feeling totally lost and empty, her laughter I will never hear again, I sipped the coffee aunty had put in my hand.

"Thank you aunty, thank you for telling me, and aunty, I too am sorry. I don't have a mother aunty, and I would be the happiest man in the world to have a lady like you as my mother-in-law. I guess fate has pulled out the wrong card for me, for us".

I held her hand, "aunty, I would like to say thank you for everything, you and uncle have been so wonderful to me, but I regret I will not be coming back again, aunty....I will remember you always aunty. Please do me a favour, please tell Yvonne I love her, but I will not be coming back anymore, goodbye aunty, how I wish you could be my mother".

Aunty cried as we hugged each other goodbye, I now wiping her tears as well mine, then kissing her tears on her cheek, "please take care of yourself aunty, I will always remember you, goodbye". She sobbing holding my hand, followed me out as I hailed a passing taxi to take me to the airport. Aunty waved at me, tears rolling down her cheeks as I waved back to her for the last time.

Not checking about when the next flight was to KL, I sat in the airport for several hours, walking around aimlessly, my mind thinking of Yvonne now in the arms of Tony. It was 5pm before I got on the flight to KL, then to Singapore taking the night flight to Tokyo. I was now lost in a world of darkness, but somehow found the strength to get to my business appointment next day and the following weeks, all the time erasing Yvonne from my thoughts. By the last week of my stay in Japan, I had lost 8 pounds in weight. And no longer able to cry as I had dried up all my tears for her.

Two weeks later while busy at work in my office, my secretary knocked on my door, "Mr Lee, I'm sorry, I know you told me you will not accept any calls anymore from a certain lady in Penang, but...she, I mean she pleading, begging me to let her speak with you, only for a minute. You want me to hang up"? I looked at June, and for the past two weeks had tried my best to forget her, but the thought of her mother's tears for me prompted my saying, "okay June, put her thru, thanks".

"Lee, ohhh Lee...thank you for accepting my call, I have been phoning you everyday, but your secretary said you gone out of town. I know you in KL and I don't blame you for not wanting to speak to me anymore", I did not say anything but listened as my tears came out, not because of love for her, but because of how she had betrayed me.

"Lee...I want to see you, even for the last time, please...please Lee, I beg of of you. Ohh God, Lee...please let me see you just one more time, let me see you face to face, please give me that Lee...let me apologise to you personally for what I have done to you, please Lee, I beg you, I promise you, it will be the last you see of me".

In my heart I knew her virtues all now worthless grains of sand, and not believing her, but again, thinking of her mother I said, "okay", not calling her name, "I have an appointment in Butterworth, not your company, day after, I will meet you at 5.15pm at that coffeehouse I took you before, near the ferry terminal, you remember that place"?

"Yes, yes Lee, I remember, I'll...I'll be there, thank you Lee, thank you giving me this chance". I hung up not wanting to hear her voice anymore.

Day after. I had finished my business appointment around 4.30pm and drove to the coffee house. Ordering a glass of iced coffee and a fresh packet of Lucky Strike cigarettes, I lighted a cigarette and waited for her. I wondered how she is, but somehow the thoughts of how she had lied to me, betrayed my love for her, strengthen my resolve to be strong. My thoughts of her two weeks in the arms of her American lover. Feeling emotional at her betrayal, I quickly looked around and thought of my work, glancing at my watch. It showed 5.15pm.

Just then a taxi pulled up and Yvonne came out. Seeing her thru the dark tinted windows, I did not get up, but just sat there and promised myself I will give her exactly 5 minutes. She walked in and saw me. I did not get up but just looked at her as she greeted me with a smile, "Lee, how are you, so nice you came".

I just nodded lighting another cigarette, then saying, not calling her name, "you have exactly 5 minutes to say what you want to say". I did not remove my sunglasses not wanting her to see my moist eyes.

"Lee..ohh Lee, I have hurt you, I am sorry, I apologise". Her tears now coming out, but to me it was just her crocodile tears, but seeing some people looking and starring at her crying, I said, "okay, lets get away from here, my car around the corner". She followed me wiping her tears. I did not open the door for her as I used to, she getting in and said, "where you taking me"? "Across to Penang".

On the ferry, I parked my car and we went to the bow of the ferry, she looking out at the ships, her long hair blowing in the wind then said, her tears coming down again, "Lee, I have hurt you very much, for that I cannot forgive myself ever, but I was an idiot, stupid and blind. I know you learned everything from my mom, yes, she told me of how you had rushed back to see her".

I lighted a cigarette, not looking at her, but at Penang Hill in the far distance. She continued, "and she passed me your message Lee, thank you. In case you wondering, I was blind, he is a married man, two kids and just wanted to fool around with me only. How blind I was"!

She touched my arm, "Lee, I know how much you loved me and I just learned from my mom you wanted to propose to me, but Lee, I know you are now hurt very much. I,...I want to give you back something,...and..and maybe you will find in your heart to forgive me". She opened her handbag and took out the pair of emerald and diamond earrings and the emerald, diamond cluster gold ring I had given her.

"Lee, I want to return this to you", she putting them in my hands". I looked at them. "I don't deserve them anymore Lee, I betrayed the love you had for me, and don't deserve them. Please take them back, Lee...".

I said, for the first time calling her name and looking at her, "Yvonne, please keep them, I gave them to you, even you don't want to wear them, keep it, its yours". She folded my fingers over the earrings and ring, "no Lee, I can't anymore, its your love, I betrayed you".

"Yvonne, I want you to have them, please, I bought them only for you". She with tears in her eyes, some people standing nearby looking at us, I said, "please keep them, Yvonne". "No Lee, I can't".

I felt my tears coming down as I looked at her, then gripping the earrings and ring, I threw them far into the sea.

"OHHH... MY GOD! OH MY GOD, LEE! LEE! You threw them away! OHHH MY GOD"! She was crying her heart out looking at where the jewelery had disappeared into the channel.

Everybody nearby looking at us, a couple of ferry attendants walking towards us thinking I was trying to push her overboard. She still crying and sobbing looking at the sea, I walked back to my car and sat inside not wanting anyone see my tears.

Yvonne crying came into my car just as the ferry about to dock. I did not say anything, but drove up the landing ramp. Reaching the road, I stopped my car, "Yvonne, lets talk outside". She came out looking at me. I went over to her and held both her hands seeing her tears rolling down.

"Yvonne, I have loved you more than anything in the world, I have never loved anyone like I loved you. I now know you don't love me, because you don't know the true meaning of love, what you have been telling me all this while are just like worthless grains of sand. You impressed me with your virtues, virtues you never intended to keep in the first place". She tried to hold my hand. I moved my hand away.

"Yvonne, I will not be seeing you anymore and", I embraced her for the last time getting the scent of her Chanel no.5 I had bought for her couple of months ago, "and,... I now will say I still love you, but I must say goodbye to you Yvonne, I can never forgive you for what you did, I wish you well and my sincere wish you will find your trueself one day and every happiness with someone else, as I cannot return to your world".

I then kissed both her cheeks, avoiding her tears, hugging her tight, "goodbye Yvonne, I'm sorry, but I have to leave you here".
Releasing her, she crying, "Lee, please don't leave me, please don't...".

I turned and got into my car without looking back. My tears blurring my vision as I started my car, Yvonne trying to open my car door crying loudly, "LEE...DON'T LEAVE ME,...don't leave me Lee..."! Putting my car into gear, I drove off slowly hearing her crying out to me.

I could see her running after my car, crying, screaming my name, "LEE....LEE! COME BACK, DON'T LEAVE ME!...PLEASE, OHHH.. GOD! LEE....COME BACK!! I took one last look at her thru my rear view mirror, she standing on the road crying looking at my car, my thoughts now of her sleeping with the American man making love while only two days before telling me she loved me, I drove off, not caring where I was going, my tears blinding me as I drove towards Batu Ferringhi. It was now almost 6pm.

Not knowing what to do or where to go, I suddenly felt I wanted to be away from Penang and memories of her, I slammed on my brakes, did a U turn and drove back to the ferry terminal. Driving slowly checking if Yvonne still around, I got into a ferry.

I drove thru the night, not stopping for dinner, the heart ache and pain had returned, and my tears coming out every now and then, but somehow I arrived home safely.

Two months passed by, and one afternoon my secretary came into my room, "Mr Lee, there's a Miss Cynthia asking to speak to you". My mind had forgotten her, then looking at June, "oh yes, let her thru".

"Hello Cynthia, how are you". "Ohh Lee, I'm fine, just keeping in touch see how you doing? Lee, I know I shouldn't bring this up, but we all heard of your unfortunate breakup, and I speak on behalf of all the others you know, Janet, Linda, Doreen, how sorry we are for you. And that Yvonne deserve to lose you". "Thank you, Cynthia, I appreciate what you telling me, but tell me, how is she"?

"Lee, Yvonne is no longer the woman you know". "What? What happened"? Cynthia replied, "Lee, she no longer that beautiful woman you loved, she has lost so much weight, she looks so haggard now, hardly dressing up properly and hardly going out anymore. Infact none of us have seen her few weeks now, only meeting her at the market with her mother buying groceries. She goes to work and comes home, no longer going out. Lee, I or rather we all think she pining for you, thinking of how much she hurt you, lost you and the love you had for her. We all know how much you loved her, Lee. We are all worried about her, she's so thin now, and oh yes, she cut her hair short too, you won't recognise her now". My thoughts of her in Boston two weeks.

We chatted for a few more minutes and then thanking Cynthia, telling her to keep in touch, we said 'goodbye'.

It was four years later I heard from a friend Yvonne had married, has two young kids, but the man she married, according to my friend, "Lee, he is a real bum, goes horse racing, drinking, womanising at bars and massage parlours, and Yvonne look very old for her age".
In all my life, only two women have hurt me very badly and made me cry.

I have since then learned, no woman is worth my tears, but once I find one that is, she won't make me cry. I did.

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Wounds of the heart will heal thru the mist of time, but the scars will forever remain.

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You are not only sexy but romantic too, I suppose!