Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Samaritan!

I was driving to Port Dickson resort with my little darling, when we saw an accident with two bodies lying beside the highway. They were motionless and I could sense that it must be a serious accident. Little darling requested me to stop. Perhaps we could give some helping hand to the needed one. We parked our car further up and walked back to see what actually happened. Upon reaching nearer to the site, I saw two young Malay male motor cyclists, who were already dead. From the scene, it looked like there was a nasty motor accident crash between both of them. One had a severe head injury and the other had his face smashed up, beyond recognized. Little darling almost vomited when she saw the dead bodies under such cruel and horrible condition. She was terrified, trembled and speechless.

There were many cars passing by on this highway. Most were curious to stare on what was happening. The saddest thing was, they drove off when they saw plenty of blood and parts of human flesh were strewn all over the road. The only people who stopped were those who drove smaller cars. The bigger expensive one, never even bother to look at. I and my little darling were the only Chinese who came out to provide some assistance. Upon checking, one kind hearted Malay man had called to the police and the ambulance for help. As we knew nothing much could be done, we left later making sure the police was on the way to clear the necessary.

I learned something from this accident. The rich can be successful but is the poor and simple peasant who really has the heart as a good Samaritan. The rich have time for you, if only they could be benefited from the time given. Not the simple ordinary people! They might not be able to offer financial support but they are more sympathetic in heart. What is the point of being rich in wealth when you are not rich in heart! I am glad that my little darling has the richness of heart, she sympathised the victims and a short prayer was given.

Food for thought -"One cannot weep for the entire world, it is beyond human strength. One must choose." - Jean Anouilh

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