Monday, October 27, 2008

Praise & flattery sell.

It was a Sunday morning at the market with my little darling. There was this simple food store selling wanton noodle which captured my attention. It was packed with many customers waiting to be served by two elderly couple. I believed they were husband and wife at worked. Their roaring business tells me that the food must be good. As I love eating wanton noodle, I joined in the crowd as well. While waiting my turn to be served, I noticed the noodle store owner though busy boiling and cooking the noodle, he was greeting and flattering his customers who were nearer to him. Each time he saw a female, whether was young or old, he would praise them as "leng looi." Leng Looi in Chinese is pretty woman. I could see the auntie was smiling and her eyes were sparkling with joy. Perhaps it was a long time, since such compliment was given to her. Another fat young simple girl was holding her breath when "leng looi" was thrown to her. She could not believe she was beautiful!! I know why the food store was selling so well, even the wanton noodle that I ate wasn't so fantastic. He added the spices "leng looi" which sold the food. Food could be tasty but words are more pleasant to hear.

Although this typical Chinese man who only knows how to sell wanton noodle, he has a sweet mouth to offer his customers too. Without him realising, I was enjoying his food and admiring his talent and skills. Before I left, I walked over to him to express my regards. "Hey! Boss, give me a second?" He was surprised. "Your place has many leng looi. But of all the many leng looi, you never address my little darling here. I think she is the prettiest leng looi of all. I would be happy, if you can also call my little darling leng looi too." The man and his wife were caught unguarded with my joke. Without further ado, he yelled aloud to the direction of my little darling..."Hey there!! You are truly a leng looi and you are lucky to have a handsome man here." Everybody was laughing, except my little darling was blushed but I knew she was happy and proud.

This experience taught me, you don't need to be a scholar or a genius to sell but rather a sweet mouth and a sincere heart to make another person melts. A happy heart see a happy world!

This cannot be wrong - "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." - Bible

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