Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beauty excites me.

It was party time and there were many attractive females around. The way they dressed could make all men turned our eyes. From top to bottom, they were really gorgeous. Their hairdo were magnificently done, plus a perfect makeup. They were brave and courageous who worn the latest low cut, when the front bust line could almost be seen. With very low tight jeans, I wondered whether it going to fall out.

I was admiring and appreciating their beauty of all kind. Over a drink, I got a chance to speak with some interesting ladies. I was frank to throw this question to them...."Your sexiness and charm have captured my imagination. My mind is excited. My heart pumps greater. Even my little dick got erected without reason. I try to control my emotion, knowing well that I should behave. However sight cannot be blinded when I can see. Your attractiveness and beauty are irresistible. Ladies...please tell I right or wrong to react in such a manner towards you girls?"

Surprisingly these were their views. Most claimed that they were delighted to hear my frank statement. They felt extremely nice and proud to know that they possess attraction and beauty of a sexy woman. According to them, they dressed to their best for the purpose to be admired by others, especially for men to look upon. They were equally excited to know that I was aroused by their external beauty. They were not offended with my imagination and emotion. In fact, they felt great for me that I could get a hidden erection, proving I am still a very healthy person. Wow!! That was something to hear.

Have to ask little darling whether the above is a true fact of life....when ladies are beautiful, men will be inspired and their mind will be thrilled.

Food for the heart- "The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart" - Mevlana Rumi (1207-1273)

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