Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have patience in selling.

Had been writing too much on sex and romance lately. Let me be a bit more serious today. Ah! Perhaps this might be useful to those who sell.

I was introduced to an attractive lady, Rinnie who had interest to know more about life insurance. Nor Eliz, a friend also my client, insisted that Rinnie should meet up with me. In order to let her feel comfortable, I brought along my little darling as partner for the evening. Rinnie had been approached by many agents before. She thought I would be no different from them, who were too eager to push their products on their first meeting. As expected, when we met her, though she was friendly I could still feel her resistance. My experience, tells me 'nobody will like to be sold in the first visit'. Instead of introducing myself as an agent, I approached her more like a friend. Not one word was mentioned on insurance matter. May be she was wondering why! Am I not interested to sell! We were talking about life and happening. She told us about her past and experiences. Her stories amazed us. Finally we knew her better and soon we were comfortable with each other. We were laughing and joking. My little darling was there to add a few interesting woman's comfort and assurance. At the end, we became good friends for the day. Before we left, Rinnie requested a proposal for an insurance program for herself and only daughter. Something we did not ask!

This was what Rinnie told us later. She likes our soft approach. I was calm and relaxed which reflex my professionalism and understanding of people. I was not desperate to sell, when most others would have. My first objective was to sell myself with little darling support. Unless I was accepted as a marketable person, I know it would not be easy to introduce our products to this intelligent lady. Yes! It might have taken a bit more time to know her but the success rate is greater and more effective. Patience is the game in professional selling.

Food for the thought - "Patience is the most necessary quality for business, many a man would rather you heard his story than grant his request." - Lord Chesterfield

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