Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you a good 'bedminton' player?

Lai is our new gym member who likes talking with me when we exercise together. I could almost treat him like a son who felt a bit out of place when he saw the different between our physical. Though he is much younger and bigger frame than me, I am more muscular and fitter than him. He spent a lot of time in building strength with the iron and I had never seen him on the treadmill to develop his stamina. His tummy is large and his chest is flat.

Out of a joke, i said, "you are a sprinter but not a distance runner on bed!!" I explained to the confused friend, a sprinter has the burst of speed and trust to excite his sex partner. However he hasn't the stamina to last longer to satisfy the excited mate. A lusting crave might be short and quick but a pleasurable sex needs a longer play to stay.

He admitted his defects and weaknesses. He expected a solution! A good badminton player trains with weight to gain his strength, and never fails to run regularly to optimize his stamina. Constant coaching and sparring add more skill to his court play. Same to a 'bedminton' player who wants to be a marathon runner on bed, he too needs to train on strength and stamina plus skills included. Ah! Before I forget, all exercises require warming up of ten minutes before you start your games....including bed exercises. Lai took my advices seriously and promised to work on it immediately.

Don't laugh readers! A good 'bedminton' player tends to live a happier and satisfying sex life.

This phrase confirms my belief - "If I were asked for a one line answer to the question What makes a woman good in bed? I would say, A man who is good in bed." - Bob Guccione


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Got to your blog via TV Smith's website on the Dog Rescue efforts. I don't know you, but just wanted to give you the thumbs up for scoring free insurance for the brave people out there risking themselves for the dogs. Way to go! :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Happiness is to see others happier. I am glad we could be of assistance.

Just Me said...

Love this analogy between the sprinter and distance runner in bed. It is definitely true. In order for true satisfaction, we do need to be fit enough to go the distance, but at the same time... a little spring it good for the soul every once and while too!!!

Thank you my dear!

Robert Foo said...

hi my dear,

How nice if you were around here.