Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be sincere in heart.

A very special lady who asked, "In one word, please tell what makes you sell so successfully all these year?" My reply was "Sincerity!" I had written many times in my previous articles, Sincerity of The Heart is the paramount rule of all approaches. Sincerity can't be bought, trained or pretended, it is all from the heart which is willing to give unconditionally. Sincerity can be sensed and felt by those who interact with you. I told her, my products and services were sold not because they are from the best company in town but rather they accepted my sincerity as warm and priceless. Most sales were bought out of comparing and competing with various competitors. With sincerity out of my selling, my services were sold without much effort and I have more faithful clients to deal business with.

I wish this intelligent lady would change her course and style of living, whether is her career or life, by adding more sincerity in all her doing. Once her attitude is changed, i am sure her life will be happier and merrier.

Specially for her - "Happiness is to see others happy because of ourselves" & "A happy heart will see a beautiful world".

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