Sunday, May 31, 2009

The young & old need each others.

Maram just turned 56 and has retired from his corporate job. Being a free man now, he has all the time to have a morning tea with me. Over a topic of opportunity, he mentioned that nowadays, youngsters work more aggressively than his younger days. As lately while shopping in the supermarket, a young male sales promoter was trying all attempts to sell him vigorously some health products. The enthusiasm and aggressiveness from this salesperson caught his attention. Maram could have bought those products, except that he didn't understand a word of explanation from this sales guy. He was speaking too fast, pronunciation was bad and the command of the language was totally out. Out of the excitement, Maram had to tell him to calm and slower his presentation, otherwise all his sales approaches might be rejected.

According to Maram, the sales promoter lacks the professional skill but he has all the energies and courage, as he is still extremely young. Given much time, when he could build his knowledge and skill, he should be able to do better. Yes! I think The Universe has treated our world fairly, when we were younger, we had the physical strength to excel in lives but we lacked the knowledge of the mind. As we are older, we gain the power and wisdom of knowledge to live but we are weakened by the process of ageing. The young beats the old in physical and the older utilizes the mind to overrule. Just imagine, if the youth was born with strength and mind, most likely the old would be left out totally in this world. Is a fair deal in life!

For advice to the younger one, build strength and at the same time inculcate the wisdom from the older one. To my friend Maram, who has knowledge and wisdom of life gained through the past years of working experience, I think you should continue to pursuit your career and opportunity, though you had left your recent job. The magnification of your powerful mind currently is unimaginable, please don't let it disappear without giving it a shot. You definitely have an immense opportunity ahead of you by only maintaining a healthy body till the end. Perhaps is high time, both you and me should share our experiences of lives to the those who are still climbing the ladder of the young sales promoter who passionately tried to sell his products to you and yet failed. They need us, and for sure we need them as well.

Food for thought - "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely" - Unknown writer.

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